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    Hop growing guide

    Does anyone have a copy they could post up onto the forum, maybe in pdf format. The wiki article seems to be missing or link broken (possibly post forum migration). https://aussiehomebrewer.com//articles/article91.html Cheers Bevan
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    How do you package your Sours?

    I've got a Berliner Weisse and a Brett Lambric that I need package. What's the general consensus, bottle or keg?
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    Something's in my blow off bottle

    I've got some what looks like green mould growing of the tube in the water. The bottle has had perc to clean it and then star sans. The water was cooled boiled water. The tube had the same treatment as the bottle. Nothing seems to be growing in the better bottler that's fermenting a saison with...
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    DIY Heated Stir Plate

    It's a little bit rough but here's my heated stir plate I've put together. Yet to use it in anger. I did get a DIY stir plate kit from Digital Homebrew ($54.00 plus postage) and then added the heating pad($5.00) and temp controller ($6.00). Got the box from jaycar for $19.00ish I used this...
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    Kegerator build

    Got this beauty off gumtree for $40.00. Working (haven't tried since getting it home) Lady I bought it off said her mom got it new when she was 5 years old. Said it was 65 years old. Will post as I convert it.
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    Fermenter overflow!

    This would be a nightmare to clean!
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    Black Hops Beach House Ale

    Has anyone done a clone for this one. Tasted this up at the Gold Coast last weekend and liked the funky taste. Would love to make it. http://blackhops.com.au/our-beer/
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    First AG Brew

    Today I did my first AG brew Dr Smurto's golden ale 20L batch size 2.4kg JW trad ale 0.8kg JW light Munich 0.8kg Briess pale ale 0.25kg JW caramalt Strike temp 70degC Mash in temp 66.9degC Mash time 60min Mash out temp 60.9degC (going to have to work on the insulation of my kettle!) Amarillo...
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    Hi from Riddells Creek, Victoria

    Hi Just realized that I haven't said hi to everyone and introduced myself. I love the site and its has some awesome info! I've been brewing extract for the last two years and am getting some great tasting brews. I'm now looking at doing AG using the BIAB and no chill method. Ive got hold of an...