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  1. Hoops

    Growing Mushrooms

    Also I'd recommend oyster mushrooms, especially White Oyster mushroom as a great beginner variety - it grows really really quickly and out competes a lot of contaminants.
  2. Hoops

    Growing Mushrooms

    Yep, been growing my own oyster and shiitake mushrooms mainly. Also have reishi fully colonised and ready to put in the fruiting chamber. A good place to start would be here: http://www.ediblemushroom.net/ as there's a good Australian following on there.
  3. Hoops

    Spent Barley Used To Grow Mushrooms

    I think there would be too much nutrient for use as a casing layer, but may be good as a supplement, the same way coffee is used. If you were going to give it a try, I would definitely start with an oyster mushroom - they grow fast and will out compete other contaminants. I've been growing White...
  4. Hoops

    Stupid Gluten :(

    Stupid Gluten :(
  5. Hoops

    Brew-day Disection

    Snow I added phos acid to my sparge water and used a pH meter (somewhere packed away with my brew gear.) Next time I brew and measure everything properly I will measure how much I use. Julez if they are that overly bitter maybe brew a beer that is very under-hopped and blend them? Hoops
  6. Hoops

    Wit: Adjunct Decoction Mash, Recipe, Water

    Jon, I have done a separate mash for the adjuncts, for either an oatmeal stout or a wit, can't remember it was that long ago. The advantage of doing this is that it completely gelatinises the starches, and if you put a little malted barley in there, it will also thin out the thick gooey stuff...
  7. Hoops

    Brew-day Disection

    Gday Julez I have only just started to get into water chemistry myself this year (did my 1st brew in about 2 years last weekend, so will see how it went soon) and on refering to my book, excess sulphate will give a "very sharp dry edge" to well hopped beers. Too much calcium also strips the...
  8. Hoops

    Qld Xmas Case '06

    OK, finally a chance to get on here and update. I'm still planning on coming Saturday but am working so not sure what time I will be finishing yet so I may get Sluggerdog to take my bottles for me as it may be a full day work :( As for labels, expect about the same high level of design and...
  9. Hoops

    Qld Xmas Case '06

    I will put myself in for a tentative yes. I am moving around with work in a weeks time so should know better by then what the plans are for me. As for what beer.....not sure yet. Hoops
  10. Hoops

    Se Qld Yeast Swap

    Bugger, I'm away next weekend so will have to miss out on this one. As always I look foward to the next meeting at the Bat cave though. Hoops
  11. Hoops

    Handy Fitting I Found

    Nice one Batz, I have been thinking of the same - draining from the bottom of the mash tun. Let us know how it goes. Hoops
  12. Hoops

    Promash Update?

    sinkas I was under the impression that if you bought a copy you got the uploads free. Hoops
  13. Hoops

    Se Qld Yeast Swap

    Sweeeeet, looks like I might be away with work too so works out well for me. Look foward to whenever the next batcave gathering will be. Hoops
  14. Hoops

    Qld Ahb Visit To 152 Oxford Micro Sat 12th Aug

    Date is Sat August 12th For those taking the train: Get off the train at Central, walk through town to the ferry, jump on the appropiate Citycat & disembark at Bullimba after an entertaining 15 minute (Or so) ferry ride. 'Tis but a 2 minute stroll to 152. Those attending please leave names...
  15. Hoops

    Soda Stream Adaptor

    Hey guys, sorry for the late reply, I'm still around but not very often at the moment. I have another batch half way through production but they wont be ready for a few weeks yet, too busy with work. I'll post here when they are ready, I have lost track of who has asked for one. Hoops
  16. Hoops

    Qld Ahb Xmas In July Case

    Sorry guys, looks like I'm out of this one, these 12hr work days are killing me. Haven't done a brew for ages but if I get the chance I will come up the coast for a few beers. Hoops
  17. Hoops

    Couple Of Beer Bits Up For Sale

    I will be selling some stuff off soon including a pluto gun of similar condition so will be similar price Hoops
  18. Hoops

    Air Filters

    I use the same type of filter in my setup and mine lasted me around 9 months from memory. I now also use a small pre-filter which will help it last longer and work better. Hoops
  19. Hoops

    Rice Hulls In Brissy?

    Yeah was a bugger of a brew day. I couldn't get the parts to finish off the CFWC from any local hardware stores :angry: went to 3 different stores today - none have 3/8" compression fittings! so it's off to Tony Powell's Plumbing again. Had to use the immersion chiller again, but should be...
  20. Hoops

    Rice Hulls In Brissy?

    Really? Haven't even checked up - what's the ratio of grain/rice hulls? I had my worst stuck sparge ever on the weekend doing a wit, I am going to add some standard from now on in all brews just as insurance, with a heap extra in wheats Hoops