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  1. heshtek

    Boiling hops for flavour

    I dry hopped a kit brew with some Amarillo hops and tasted it for the first time last night. OMFG it was good and now I want to make another brew with even more hoppy flavour in it. I was thinking of boiling some hops in a little DME to achieve this. As I'm adding this to a kit I suppose extra...
  2. heshtek

    Using grains to improve a kit

    I've never used grains before and want to steep some to add to a kit. Everything I've read seems to suggest that you do not want to boil the grains and ideally keep them under 80 dregrees when steeping. I realize there are probably lots of other ways to achieve what I'm trying to do but being a...
  3. heshtek

    Nelson Sauvin hops anyone ever used them?

    Got some Nelson Sauv hops on ebay. The breakdown is they were cheap but 2013 stock. Vacuum sealed so hopefully they are ok. It was an impulse buy and I hope they are ok. I suppose i mainly wanted to use them as an aromatic hop rather than a bittering hop. Has anyone had any experience with them...
  4. heshtek

    First go at using hops how much do i use?

    Hello brew brothers and sisters, Well I bought a 25g pack of Amarillo hops and want to try them in my next kit based brew. Ingredients are as follows 1 x 1.7kg tin of kit Ale 1 packet us05 yeast 11g 1kg of brew enhancer 2 500g of LDME Amarillo hops I spoke to the guy in the shop and he...
  5. heshtek

    One yeast sachet or two?

    I want to get the brew listed in the link below going in the fermenter tonight. The recipe states that I may have to use 2 yeast sachets instead of 1. Problem is I only have 1 and can't make it to the store for another week. Do you think 1 sachet would be ok? The beer this recipe makes is only...
  6. heshtek

    2kg of brew enhancer 2?

    I'm about to start a new brew from a kit can. I want to make it a strong brew (when i say 'strong' i mean somewhere between 6 and 7 percent). I've bought 2 x 1kg packs of brew enhancer 2 (a generic version). I've read that putting that much fermentable sugars in is going to ruin the taste of the...
  7. heshtek

    Whirlfloc tablets

    Does anybody use those whirlfloc tablets and are they any good? I'm contemplating using some on a kit beer. When would i add the tablet to a kit beer?
  8. heshtek

    Hop trellis design

    I'm thinking about growing some hops this year and I've been looking at the different trellis designs people use. Is there a reason that the trellis designs are always training the hop vines upwards? I want to train the vines on a horizontal trellis that is closer to the ground so that i can...
  9. heshtek

    Stick on thermometers are they any good?

    I purchased a regular glass thermometer the other day and decided to run a test to see whether the stick on thermometer on my fermenter is displaying the correct temperature. The glass thermo that i bought came with some sort of certification saying it was scientifically calibrated and correct...
  10. heshtek

    100w fish tank heater to heat a fermenter

    I've bought a 100w submersibile fish tank heater to keep my fermenter warm during the cold months when it will be sitting in my garage. I've decided to place the fermenter in a tub of water and heat the water surrounding the fermenter rather than directly placing the heater in the wort. If...