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  1. probablynathan

    Meetup at the Cock n' Bull

    Anyone keen for another meet(piss)up at the Cock n' Bull one night next week? What day works best for people?
  2. probablynathan

    Albury Wodonga Beer Scene

    I am spending the next week in Albury Wodonga visiting the in-laws and am wondering what beer related attractions are in the area. Bridge Road in Beechwoth is naturally at the top of my list but I am wondering if there are any good bars or bottle shops in the area. Thanks,
  3. probablynathan

    Tasmanian Wild Hop

    I was reading that Pride of Ringwood was bred using pride of Kent and a wild Tasmanian hop. I also remember that Boag's made reference to a Tasmanian hop used in their Honey Porter called Van Diemen. these are probably not the same variety by could be related? Does any one know anything about...