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  1. mfdes

    Hops Tonight Anyone?

    Is anyone else going out to HOPs at the New Syd tonight??? They're going to have a couple of exciting beers, including a keg of the new Moo Brew Imperial Stout and the Malt Shovel Pepperberry Ale... as well as an apparently secret brew. Miguel.
  2. mfdes

    Top Cropping Yeast And Slow Fermentations

    I've been having a problem some of my last few fermentations, especially with two yeasts in particular: WLP001 and WLP300. I've been using a 23L glas carboy for a few years, without major incident. Of late I've been using a blowoff tube a bit more, and consequently filling the carboy further...
  3. mfdes

    New Moo Brew Oak Aged Imperial Stout

    To all fellow brewers who came to the HOPs meet in Hobart last year and Owen Johnstone brought a keg of his wood aged stout experiment: It's been released commercially. http://www.news.com.au/mercury/story/0,228...76-3462,00.html It seems steep at $25 a stubby but what a beer! It was...
  4. mfdes

    Jamil's Scottish Ales

    Hi everyone. I just kegged up an AG Scottish Ale made to Jamil's 70/- recipe. I had to sub a few of the goldings for first gold... no big deal. I would have expected as first gold is higher alpha, less hop flavour. As the style is not supposed to be hoppy, I wasn't too concerned. It tastes...
  5. mfdes

    Whizard Smith

    Some of us attending the HOPs meeting last thursday heard on the grapevine that Boags is about to discontinue their Whizard Smith's ale. All to do with their having been bought out by Lion Apparently it competes with other products in their range that they're more interesting in investing in...
  6. mfdes

    Storing New Slants

    Hi all! Is it advisable to keep unused slants in the freezer? I usually keep mine in the fridge and find that after 6 months or so there is noticeable evaporation. They start to shrink quite noticeably. As I can normally prepare fresh slants at short notice, I've not seen this as a problem...
  7. mfdes

    Lager Yeast Flavour Profiles

    Hi there! Have a couple of packets of dry s-189 yeast sitting in the fridge for contingencies though I usually prefer liquid yeasts as they pose no added challenge for me (I work in a microbiology lab). My question is: I've always heard the 189 yeast is very clean. What liquid yeast, if any...
  8. mfdes

    Mashed Too Low?

    I made a brew a little while ago (all gone now), a light coloured golden ale with glacier hops. I had mashed at 65 degrees, for 90 minutes (I was playing with the effect of mash time on my efficiency), and the end result was interesting. When fairly fresh the beer was quite thin, and too dry. It...
  9. mfdes

    Whisky Mash

    G'day all! I'll be working in Nelson, New Zealand for a few months as of July this year. Being an (or THE) enlightened country where home distilling is legal, I'm getting together with a friend who has a good reflux still (which he uses to distil only neutral grain spirits) which can be also ran...
  10. mfdes

    Anyone Tried Ringwood Specials?

    Hi all, I just recently got my hands on a stack of fresh Ringwood Special hops. These were developed with Pride of Ringwood but are of different parentage (OP Fuggle seedling), and were soon eclipsed by the infamous Pride of Ringwood. As they were only grown for a couple of years in the 1960s...
  11. mfdes

    Bottling Filtered Carbonated Beer

    Just been looking at some options for filling bottles with already filtered and carbonated beer, to take or send to comps. Has anyone used both a counterpressure filler and the Blichmann BeerGun? How do they compare? Also, if you were using the BeerGun, would you have the beer slightly more...
  12. mfdes

    I Love Amarillo

    I've been using amarillo and cascade dry-hopped in APAs recently. I get a rockmelon aroma that is not present in cascade-only beers. Anyone else get a rockmelon-like aroma from this hop? Isn't it fantastic? MFS
  13. mfdes

    Best Yeast For A Dry Stout?

    Hi there, Reading around and listening to the Jamil show podcasts it seems like the Irish Ale yeast from Wyeast and White Labs may not be the best choice for fermenting an Irish dry stout, as it throws off some diacetyl if you're not careful, and does not attenuate enough. I've seen a few...
  14. mfdes

    Substitutes For Victory And Special Roast

    Hi all, What are people using to sub either Victory or Special Roast in their brews? I adapt a few recipes that use them and generally just up the crystals or munich a bit to make up the colour. Is there any similarity between the results obtained with these and other medium roasted malts like...
  15. mfdes

    23l Carboys And Carboy Hoods

    I have a 23L glass carboy I bought at our local homebrew shop a while back. It has a neck size of 30mm ID and 55mm OD. I was looking at using a carboy hood as those in the MoreBeer website (http://morebeer.com/search/102269). Is anyone down here using them, and if so which of the two sizes fit...
  16. mfdes

    Oxygen Permeability Of Plastic Fermenters?

    I have been wondering for a while, since I started brewing in glass, whether plastic fermenters are permeable to oxygen and could promote oxidation if the beer spends a bit too long in them. I have noticed that the long-term stability of my beer is better when I've fermented in in glass all the...
  17. mfdes

    Efficiency Into Fermenter

    Hi there! I've been regularly hitting the mash efficiencies (into kettle) I aim for when I mash, mostly 70-75%. However, I keep finding I leave a good 3-4 liters of hard-earned wort in the kettle, as I can't get the trub to settle much at all. I have been whirlpooling with my brew spoon and...
  18. mfdes

    Nelson Sauvin Synergies

    Hi all! I have joined the ranks of NS addicts. Love it as a single hop. I recently did an all late hopped NS ale which was fantastic! Anyway, my thoughts are turning to which other hops might have good flavour synergies with this one. I would be brewing mostly APAs and light coloured, simple...
  19. mfdes

    White Labs Yeasts

    Does anyone know of a reliable supplier of White Labs yeasts other than ESB in Australia? My last shipment spent about a week in the mail in pretty severe heat. MFS.
  20. mfdes

    Abject Apologies

    I've made a couple of posts in the past saying I thought Little Creatures Pale Ale is not as good as people make it to be... Though I have qualified them saying here in Hobart it's kind of hard to get fresh beer from the mainland... I had a LCPA in a restaurant last night, it was fresh, and it...