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  1. nvs-brews

    Current Tap List.

    For the sake of banter... What's your current tap list like? It's taken me a while to get my tap list into some sort of decent order and finally decided to host a little get together so on tap at the moment: OATMEAL STOUT - 7.2% CHAMOMILE KOMBUCHA - SFA% BROWN ALE WITH HINTS OF ASTRA HOP -...
  2. nvs-brews

    2018 WASABC'S (WA Comp)

    Well the time is on us. Judging starts tonight. Massive thanks to Carlin/Dave & Tim. Who managed to get some things in? Managed to get 11 entries, even though some beer i entered into 2 styles/cat. 3 ciders 3 sours 2 experimental 2 fruit and a couple of other things
  3. nvs-brews

    Bottling a still cider

    So i have had a look around the net and... still feel non the wiser. From what i have seen people say bottle as is, do not prime/carbonate/bottle condition.. WELL i know that cider is usually pretty shit for carbonation anyhow and often fades quickly, so has anyone bottled a still cider? My...
  4. nvs-brews

    Cheap stir plate - USB cooling pad

    Do you think these would work at all? or should i wait until i can find something with variable speeds? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-Notebook-Cooling-Pad-USB-Power-LED-Light-Cooler-Fan-for-Laptop-14-1-15-4-/141623620799?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item20f96cf4bf I have the magnets from a...
  5. nvs-brews

    You seen this before?

    I do like to experiment and brew some strange stuff, but I haven't seen this before?? I posted this on my local fb page and someone got me a bit paranoid. I've sampled the fermenter a few bit. She'll be right yeah?
  6. nvs-brews

    Samui, Tao and Phangan...

    So im off to get married in Koh Samui tomorrow morning, exciting stuff... I can't do this without at least some reasonable beer.. Thankfully there seems to be a reasonable amount of Belgian and european beers around there... i remember last time drinking paulaner salvator.. will be going for...
  7. nvs-brews

    Keg fridge died.. replacement options..

    Well i had my bucks party on the weekend, got home with a bunch of lads after the night out to enjoy some nice tap beers and... it was warm. I currently have a westinghouse 500L, can fit 5 kegs and still keep food in the freezer. Now does anyone else have a fridge that can fit 5 with a...
  8. nvs-brews

    cherries in beer

    Ive been working on a experimental brew for nearly a year now. Finally starting to taste the way i want. Its currently sitting in 2 oak barrels (1x15L, 1x 4L).. Now i have some cherries i want to add but i am not really after the sweetness. I brew a lot of cider and know that on fermentation of...
  9. nvs-brews

    PHBS (Perth home brew share)

    Well i find it hard to post on our facebook page while at work.. So i thought i may as well start a thread on here, see who's about.. whats brewing.. etc etc I guess i will kick it off... got myself another cider on the go, last 2 batches have gone damn quickly.. plus i had to clear the...
  10. nvs-brews

    1st AG in the bag... literally

    Well after a few years on the extract brews i made the big cross over.. Used a 2x 20L urn's, BIAB method, no sparge and it all came out well.. pretty flawless cross over, apart from a manual thermometer smashing and leaking red fluid in 2 one of the vessels (pre mash, scooped it out and it seems...
  11. nvs-brews

    Small batch - oak "port" barrel ageing

    A few months back i got a 5L port barrel, I initially did a barley wine and left that in the barrel about 7 months, i also left a bit of port in the barrel. To much port flavour is coming through. Kegged it up about 3 weeks ago, not really enjoying it atm.. hopefully the port mellows, but will...