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  1. SJW

    Bar for sale.

    Want the biggest and the best home bar. This bad boy is 1100 x 2600 x 1150 high. With room for a bar fridge under. High quality heavy duty stainless steel top, ex. Butchers. Stainless sink ready to be plumbed in. Power points under and above the bench. The bar is on heavy duty castors so it can...
  2. SJW

    For Sale : 30 litre S/S Olive Oil Drum (Fermenter) $120

    Bought from the Olive Oil centre. This 30ltr Aginox olive oil tank is 18/10 stainless steel ideal for fermenting beer in. 420mm high x 320mm wide. Flat seam welded and comes with 2 stainless steel taps. Perfect condition, no scratches or dents. Made In Italy Steve
  3. SJW

    Homebrew yeast stir plate and stir bars For sale with flask & frid

    Hi guys check out Gumtree at post code 2285 under "Homebrew yeast stir plate and stir bars" will also throw in a Scholt 2 litre flask. $50 Also have a fermentation bar fridge with temp controler. $200 Steve
  4. SJW

    Boiling the alcohol out of beer for a N/A brew

    Ok, I'm still going alcohol free for 12 months, till 20th April 2017, but have had a couple of the Coopers Ulta Lights that got me thinking. So rather than selling off all my gear I might start thinking about making low/no alcohol beer. I know Coopers Ultra is 0.5%. Have read all there is to...
  5. SJW

    6 Days dry

    After brewing for 15 years and drinking 10+ schooys a night on average, I had my last beer in Hawaii last week. Came to a head over there when I bought a 12 pack of pint size cans of a high gravity beer called 211 Steel Reserve (I think). Some guy saw me walking back to the hotel with them, and...
  6. SJW

    Selling all my Brew gear. Braumeister n all.

    Selling due to health reasons. All the gear that is going is on YouTube on the Bigteds Manshed channel. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/152064605140?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Braumeister and Complete Brewing Setup, Plus Many Extras Ferment fridge and 4 Celli tap chest...
  7. SJW

    Beersmith Mobile crapped itself with new iOS update

    I emailed Brad and this is what he said, Hi, I apologize for the issues with IOS9.0.1: - I did spend three weeks working with every beta version of IOS 9 and IOS 9.1 to get BeerSmith to work with it - After I published my updates, Apple released IOS 9.0.1 without sending it to any of us...
  8. SJW

    My new bar opens "BAR HUMBUG"

    Took a bit but it's done. I had an old tub so it does not drain anywhere but it's better than being in the shed plus I can fill it with ice and put a bucket under to drain it. I made the frame with std 70 x 35 F10 pine, then lined the front with FC sheet as I was going to tile it with those...
  9. SJW

    Great hydrometer find

    I broke my backup hydrometer the other day so I decided to buy 2. I took a chance on this one as it was only $9 and its a cracker. I love it because it measures from 1.000 to 1.060 only and the scale marked on the tube is very large, therefore it appears to be very accurate and helps me with my...
  10. SJW

    When a H.B. Shop should say "Kits and Bits" only!

    I got to tell someone this story. I went to A local H.B. Shop just then to pick up some low alpha noble hops to bitter a Vienna I am doing on the weekend. I normally get EVERYTHING from Brewman on-line. Anyway I thought I had some Hallertau at home but I did not. So I have been into this guy a...
  11. SJW

    Fermenting Lagers under pressure

    Interesting video in fermenting under pressure. Anyone do it? https://vimeo.com/44910762
  12. SJW

    Made a fermentation fridge from small bar fridge

    It was a new bar fridge 115 litre I think, anyway we got it for camping but don't use it anymore. Was just about to bent the cooling element down then I thought it would be easier to twist down one side and straighten out the end that curled up to make the ice compartment. Also had to relocate...
  13. SJW

    Belgian Strong FAST FERMENT

    Brewed a Belgian Golden Strong Ale on Saturday. OG 1.070. Pitched a fresh smack pack of Wyeast 1388 that had been steeped up with a 2 litre starter. After a few hours had a massive rocky krausen. Pitched warm at 24 deg and held it there and come Monday morning it appears to be all done. I have...
  14. SJW

    Latest Braumeister Brewday on YouTube

    http://youtu.be/AyW4k1Os8_k Still getting loads of people asking for more videos on how to brew on the BM. Dont ask me why. Anyway I put together another vid for those who are interested. Steve
  15. SJW

    Commercial Mash Schedules

    Does anyone have an example or know first hand what type of mash schedule a full on commercial brewery would use? Lagers or Ales. All-grain brewers are aware that Beta and Alpha Amylase enzymes break the chains of glucose that form starch, but im trying to figure out what happens in the real...
  16. SJW

    Going back to do an extract -HELP PLEASE

    Hi there. My Braumeister has blown an element, so while I'm waiting for a new one, Ross :(, I thought I would give an extract a go. Its been 15 years since I did an extract an I have a question. As I still have the hops from the brew I was doing when the BM blew up I just bought 2 x 1.5 Kg tins...
  17. SJW

    What to do with 500g of 2% A/A Tettnang

    Im sick of this being in my freezer and now want to use them up. Being so low in A/A I have been reluctant to use them in the quantities that would make much diff. But I have some old lager slurry I am going to use for the last time so there is no need to 'protect the yeast' from too much hops...
  18. SJW

    Any reason to use loads of low alpha hops?

    I have 500g of Tettnag @ 2.1% a/a and I am not sure what to do with it. I want to use it up in a hurry so it does not go off. At such a low alpha its going to be piss poor for bittering so what would be the best way to use it up and get the best out of it? I was thinking 200g in a whirlpool...
  19. SJW

    HELP ! Beersmith 2.2 desktop upgrade required

    Could someone please e-mail me the exe file for the 2.2 windows upgrade for Beermith. The internet Nazi's at my work have blocked the Beersmith site and I dont know how to upgrade my work computer copy of beersmith. PM for my e-mail address if u can help. Steve
  20. SJW

    Experiment time. Trub in the fermenter. Good or bad?

    This was going to be my next experiment in a long history brewing dumb things, dumb ways to see the results. Following a Google search I was surprised to find that this fella did a great experiment and probably better than I would have done. Certainly reported it better. Anyway, this is a great...