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    Wanted: Mill, burner, wort chiller, CO2 Bottle and regulator...

    Hi guys, I am setting up the new Homebrewhouse! In the title there's all what I'm looking for....so Mill, Burner, wort chiller, CO2 bottle and CO2 regulator... I am not a fancy HB so I don't like to spend too much... for the mill and wort chiller I haven't decided what kind I want....so please...
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    C'mon Melbourne!Show me what you can do!

    Hi mates! After the nice experience in Sydney and a beautiful trip with my lady in cairns, I am now in Melbourne! So now it is your turn to tell me the best places for drink good beer!let me know if there are any beer events meetups contests or whatever!Of course I am always glad to meet you...
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    english lessons..

    Hi guys..sorry if it isn't a beer post... But maybe someone can help me! As you know I am in sydney at the moment and I decide to improve my english(just reading this ad you could understand the reason!) So I m looking for someone who can help me,maybe someone of you,your girl your friend...
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    a good beer in sydney?

    Hi brewers! I will be in sydney in early June, can you tell me the best places where enjoy a good craft beer? I travel alone so if someone wants to enjoy the beer with me, will be great to know some Aussie homebrewers!
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    Here I am!

    Hello to everybody (I'm not sure but I think that the greeting is the right way for begin.). My name is Luigi and I'm Italian, but currently in Australia at least for the next one years and half..and I will try to stay here forever(but it will be hard!) I brew my beer since 2009 and I've also...