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  1. Frag_Dog

    BNE - 4 vessel HERMS system

    Hi All, Due to time constraints I have not been brewing as much as I would like. So I bought a Braumeister. Now I have my 4 vessel HERMS system for sale. It is all home made, and it works fine it just take too long to setup and clean up - hence the german hardware. Here is what is included...
  2. Frag_Dog

    Super Grolch!

    Its like a Grolsch bottle but three times the size. Picked it up from Dan Murphys over the weekend. It's 1.5L and cost me $20. Not bad as a growler alternative.
  3. Frag_Dog

    Craft Beer Vs Standard Swill At The Local

    I'm down at my local waiting for the footy to start (I'm too cheap to get foxtel). Just got a schooner of Fat Yak. Normally I love it when its fresh, but I think this keg has been on since the last time I was down here. Being a sports club I doubt that may people drink it so I would think it...
  4. Frag_Dog

    [bne] Free Tallies

    I have 30 tallies (750ml) that were given to me which I don't need - already have way too many. They are XXXX Gold / New type twist tops. Free to whoever wants them. I'm located in Rochedale South.
  5. Frag_Dog

    Fixing My March Pump

    I'll preface this by saying do it at your own risk. This may violate warrenty and you could electricute yourself, so be careful and I take no resposibility ect... I don't know if others are or having issue with their March pumps but I was, so I did up this quick guide. The issue I was having...
  6. Frag_Dog

    Bne - Free Brass Ball Valves

    I've upgraded to Stainless and as such, don't need these anymore. I have: 3x 1/2 inch brass ball valves 3x 1/2 inch brass allthread (about 10-15cm - see pics) 6x 1/2 inch brass nuts, some with flange Would suit someone starting out in All Grain. Needs a decent clean, but were working find...
  7. Frag_Dog

    The 4hr Brew - How Is It Done?

    I've seen people post that they managed 4hr brew days. The quickest I seem to be able to brew in is about 6.5hrs. I'm not including filling and starting the HLT warming up. The only thing I can think of is that I can't start the kettle burner for the first runnings due to the camping mat...
  8. Frag_Dog

    Cleaning Stainless For The First Time

    I've recently upgraded most of my brew rig to new stainless bits. I've gone with CamLocks, Stainless HERMS and a Stainless Immersion chiller. I didn't think of it until recently but what cleaning process should I follow for the first use of it? I'm thinking there might be some oils and toxins...
  9. Frag_Dog

    Bne - 23l Keg

    Doesn't fig in my Kezzer so I may as well get rid of it. Holds pressure well, but might need a seal kit put Thursday it, I've only used it once, but bought it used (part of a bunch of stuff i got off someone). Price, I don't know, $60 or willing to swap for some hop rhizomes. Pics to follow...
  10. Frag_Dog

    Coca-cola Recipe Revealed

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13...l#ixzz1DxsUZyvg Anyone going to try this? I only drink Coke on the rare occasion these days so I'm not that interested. Still, its funny when bad things happen to big business....hahahah I remember a few years back in the news someone tried to...
  11. Frag_Dog

    Long-term Storage: Bulk Prime Or Cpbf?

    I am looking at doing a Barley Wine in the next few months and I want to let it sit for a good few years to mature. I am thinking of getting a filter (1micron) and a CPBF for this and other beers. I realize the filter will leave enough yeast floating around for a secondary fermentation if I...
  12. Frag_Dog

    Brew Beers Resolution '11

    Beers: I've been AG brewing for about a year and I've mostly been brewing Pale Ales with a Bitter, a few Irish Reds and a California Common mixed in. Next year I want to expand out and try some Belgians and some Dark Beers as well (Stout, Porter and Schwarzbier). Gear I've been using a rig I...
  13. Frag_Dog

    Bne - Fridge

    I have a 220L Fridge Freezer I need to offload. It works well and will fit a 30L fermenter as long as the airlock is pushed right down in the bung. If you can pick it up, you can take it. Located in Rochedale South.
  14. Frag_Dog

    Bne - Free Longnecks (twist Tops)

    I have 57 longneck twist tops (no crown seals) I need to clear out. Free to whoever wants to pick them up. They are a mix of the VB style and Tooheys New style bottles. They range from 750-800mls. I've used them for about a year and none have blown up or cracked while bottling. I don't use...
  15. Frag_Dog

    Tap Mounting On Freezer Collar

    Tap Mounting on Freezer Collar I've built the collar for my freezer and now its about time I sort the mounting of the taps out. The wood I used for the collar is pretty thick (45mm), and its pretty ugly. Its kind of ribbed, looks like deck boarding. So my plan is to get a thin bit of wood and...
  16. Frag_Dog

    Beez Kneez Clone....

    While at my LHBS this week I decided to try something new. They had a recipy for a Beez Kneez style beer. This is what I got: 1 x 1.7kg Black Rock Whispering Wheat Can-O-Goo 500g Honey (light colour, non euclyptys) 500g Wheat Malt 15g Brewcraft Hallertau finnishing hopps (teabag) Safbrew...
  17. Frag_Dog

    1l Grolsh Style Bottles At Ikea

    I was just down in Logan getting dragged around Ikea and I noticed that they had some 1 Litre swing top bottles for I think it was $4 each. They were clear glass, not green but the swing bit didn't look too bad. Just throwing it out there if someone is looking for Grolsh-esk bottles without...
  18. Frag_Dog

    Aging In The Keg

    I'm thinking of moving over to kegging in the next few months. So far my reasons are: * Less cleaning (No need to clean and sanitise 25 - 30 long necks) * Can get 1 glass of beer at a time, instead of 2 (more for my girlfriend) * Cool factor :) I've only been doing homebrew for about 5...
  19. Frag_Dog

    Adding Dextrose A Week Later

    I've been reading this forum for a while. Lots of great information which has given me a good start! Anyway, I'm on my 4th brew (just kit and kilo, nothing that fancy) and I've forgot to add 300g of dextrose. I'm making what is said to be a Hahn Superdry clone and I missed out of the...