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  1. Garfield

    Brand new Paslode $600

    Not sure if marketplace is for non brewing sales but let's see how we go: I ordered a nail gun and got sent the wrong one. I can send it back for full refund but if anyone would like a brand new Paslode Trimmaster im250s Impulse I'm gonna sell it for 600 to save me the effort of returning...
  2. Garfield

    Pin lock keg posts and disconnects

    Hey guys I'm selling pin lock spares on gumtree. Have pasted link rather than retyping cheers...
  3. Garfield

    WTB pin lock disconnects for old Rheem kegs

    Looking to buy someone's used pin lock disconnects for turret style keg posts on old Steel kegs like Rheem. I've contacted every homebrew supplier in the country and Turret's domestic reseller and they do not exist new. Please let me know if you have any or know anyone who does. Many thanks Garf
  4. Garfield

    Fresh Wort Cubes for sale (FWK) Shoalhaven

    Hello. Thanks to everyone who contributed their ideas to the EOI I posted earlier this year. I've taken first steps to getting this little project off the ground. For those who didn't read the other thread, here is the overview: as I don't drink much currently but enjoy the process of all grain...
  5. Garfield

    WTB: cubes and drums near shoalhaven

    Looking to gather a good supply of cubes/drums for making fresh wort kits. I can buy new for about $6-7 each but would have to take a whole pallet. So if local kit brewers are accumulating excess cubes please let me know. I'll be happy to swap for a few bucks or some longies of brews. Cheers
  6. Garfield


    Hello, I'm throwing this up to gauge if there is any interest in fresh wort kits. I love to brew but don't consume very much these days. To keep my hobby going, I'm wondering if homebrewers without all grain gear would pay for cubes of fresh wort? I'm not looking to turn a profit, just cover...
  7. Garfield

    Forgot bittering hops

    I had a brew day go bad yesterday. I was escorted from the brew shed by paramedics after collapsing part way through. I'm fine now but my wort (now in cubes) had some issues. My mate finished off the boil without me and he forgot to add the 60min hops. It has only 2g/L of WGV added at whirlpool...
  8. Garfield

    EOI Brewers of faith

    Hi everyone, As a man of faith, I'm wondering if any fellow believers are a part of AHB. If anyone is interested in starting a sub-forum for the sake of fellowship, please share your thoughts below. Yours in Christ Garf
  9. Garfield

    G'Day from South Coast

    Hey Guys, Signing on from the sunny South Coast of NSW. Having worked in the wine industry for about four years, I learnt to brew somewhere along the way. But to be honest... I sucked at it. Then I stumbled across this little community, 12 months back (sorry it took me so long to post), and...