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  1. goatherder

    No Fast Reply In Beer/pub/brewery Reviews Forum

    The fast reply button isn't available in the Beer/Pub/Brewery Reviews Forum. It's only a minor annoyance but can it be fixed?
  2. goatherder

    Sydney Fine Food Show Beer Comp

    Results from the Sydney Fine Food Show Beer Comp It's good to see Murrays and Potters picking up a bag full. Congrats Shawn and Keith!
  3. goatherder

    American Ipa With Wyeast 1007?

    I'm making an AIPA this weekend. I've got a nice fresh 1007 yeast cake and I'm thinking it might be a good match for the style. It's supposedly fairly clean and attenuative so it sounds like it might work. Do you reckon I'm on the right track?
  4. goatherder

    Oat Malt

    The article on oat malt in the latest Zymurgy got my mouth watering. I'd love to try some but since the article mentions Thomas Fawcett as the source I'm not exactly filled with confidence that I'll get it. Does anyone know if there are any malted oat products available here?
  5. goatherder

    Step Mash Theory - A Technical Question

    A few posts in this pilsner thread and a recent post in AHA techtalk got me thinking. I'm looking for some discussion around the step-mash technique of separating out the beta-amylase and alpha-amylase rest. In a nutshell, some mashers do a beta rest at 60-63C and follow this with an alpha...
  6. goatherder

    How About This Weather?

    So, you're in a drought and it rains like buggery. Do you complain? This is my bottom paddock today. The red mark is the top of a structure about 5 feet off the ground. About 5 metres below this point (in a well) are my 2 pumps which may not work so good any more. I thought about...
  7. goatherder

    Stout Recipe, Comments Please

    I'm planning an oatmeal stout this weekend. It's my first go at a stout so I'm looking for some comments on the recipe. I'm looking for a pronounced smooth chocolate character to compliment the roast. Do you think I've got the balance between the choc and the RB right? Also, can I expect any...
  8. goatherder

    Dry Hop Thingy

    I thought I'd post a pic of my new dry hop thingy. I wanted to be able to dry hop in the keg (or fermenter) and pull the hops out when I was happy with the flavour. The tea ball was a good solution but they tend to sink to the bottom. After a quick trip to big dubya I came up with this. It...
  9. goatherder

    Wheat Beer And Water Volumes

    I had my first go at a wheat beer today - 50% pils and 50% wheat. I was a bit surprised to find the volume into the mash tun was about 1.5 litres less than I had expected. I thought I'd just made an error when mashing in or during the sparge, but as I was cleaning the mash tun out I noticed...
  10. goatherder

    Ahb Firefox Search Plugin

    I've quickly knocked up a Firefox search plugin that will search AHB. For those who aren't aware, search plugins allow you to search web sites from the search bar in Firefox without going to the website first. To install the plugin on Windows, download the following zip file and extract the...
  11. goatherder

    Water Chemistry For Dumbasses

    Can one of you chemistry gurus give me a hand here? I'm using tank water for my brewing and I've done a really simple colour strip test on it. The results are as follows: Total hardness as CaC03 (ppm) - approx 250 Total and free chlorine - bugger all pH - approx 6.8 Total Alkalinity (ppm) -...
  12. goatherder

    Aussie Lager Recipe

    I've got a family event coming up in a couple of months and I'm going to put a couple of kegs on. I'm planning a megaswill style Aussie lager cos it's going to be that kind of crowd. Anyhow, I've done some reading and come up with a recipe. Am I on the right track? Recipe Specifications...
  13. goatherder

    Mt Panarama Bathurst 2006 - Supercheap Auto 1000

    Loud cars, bad beer and red & blue as far as the eye can see. It's the Australian cultural event of the year. Are there any AHBers going? How about a top 'o the mountain meetup over a tin of tooheys?
  14. goatherder

    Is My Fridge Dead?

    Here's a quick one for the fridgies out there. One of my fermenter fridges has stopped working. The compressor still runs but the fridge doesn't get cold. In fact I reckon it actually gets hotter inside as it runs. What's a possible diagnosis? Is it headed for fridge heaven?
  15. goatherder

    Estimating Yeast Cell Counts

    We talk a lot about pitching rates. The general consensus seems to be that appropriate pitching rates are an important factor in making good beer. The problem with pitching rates is, as homebrewers, we don't have a simple method of measuring the cell count in our yeast starters. We read...
  16. goatherder

    Yeast Diagnosis

    This is a vial of wyeast 1098, split from a smackpack about 5 weeks ago. It has been stored in the fridge. It doesn't smell bad. Can someone advise me if the layer of brown/black stuff is just autolysised yeast? Is this normal over this time period? I also have some 1056 doing the same...
  17. goatherder

    Wyeast 1056

    What's the deal with wyeast 1056? Is it evil? Why is it trying to crawl out of the airlock and kill me? I've replaced 2 airlocks today and cleaned a puddle of yeast out of the bottom of the fridge. it smells pretty good though...
  18. goatherder

    Zymurgy - May/june Issue

    has anyone got a copy of the May/June Zymurgy? There's an article in it on late hopping by Jamil Zainasheff that I'm interested in. I don't suppose someone could post a scan?
  19. goatherder

    Wyeast 1098 Fermentation Temperature

    i'm looking for a quick bit of insider info on wyeast 1098. What temp should I ferment at for a porter? The website says 18-22, does anyone know which end of this range would be best?
  20. goatherder

    Peroni Gran Riserva

    I noticed Peroni Gran Riserva was a new addition at my local Dan Murphys. It caught my eye with the label of "birra doppio malto". I was expecting a standard euro lager, but the ABV of 6.6% gave me a sense of hope. It poured light golden with a small tight head, lulling me into a false sense...