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  1. stevonz

    FS Mash Tun esky and immersion chill coil BNE

    Homemade mash tun: Coleman 40-50 litre esky with 1/2” ball valve and copper filter. Handles came off on last brew. Average condition on outside. Good condition on inside as always immaculately sanitised after each use. Homemade copper immersion chill coil. I’ve never used it as I no chill into...
  2. stevonz

    Picobrew Z - referral code

    Hello, As I am time poor but love to brew AG, I have sunk some coin into a Picobrew Z. I had also looked and compared with Brewie+ but apparently they had a lot of issues with their gen 1 stuff. Anyhow, if your looking for some automation to your AG setup and wanna drop some coin on one of...
  3. stevonz

    Heading to USA in a couple weeks...

    Hi, I'm heading to the US in a couple weeks for work. Mainly travelling to about Southern States, predominantly in Atlanta, Georgia. Is there any markedly cheaper homebrew gear/ ingredients/ consumables that are worth getting over there and bringing back? Anyone know any other US-based...
  4. stevonz

    FS BNE Southside - Kegerator $250

    I have upgraded to a new kegerator so this keg fridge is up for grabs. Fisher & Paykel fridge/ freezer which I have had since new. Easily fits 4 x corny kegs or 2 x fermenters and a corny. Includes: - 2 x taps... 1 x swing type and the other is a Celli with flow control. - John Guest beer...
  5. stevonz

    FREE - 4 x 20L Cubes - BNE

    I have available 4 x 20l cubes, rinsed and cleaned with Sodium Perc. Free to collect from Wakerley on the Bayside.
  6. stevonz

    FREE - 3 x 20L Cubes - BNE

    I have 3 x 20L cubes available. Pickup Wakerley on Brisbane Bayside. Wouldn't say no to a bottle of your finest (will even swap for an empty :) )
  7. stevonz

    Recipe ideas for Coopers Dark Ale

    Hi, I scored some Coopers Dark Ale on the cheap. I normally brew from fresh wort kits, but as the price was nice and cheap I thought I'd give this a crack for a cheap drop. I got 4 cans of the stuff. From my reading here on AHB, a decent kit brew is enahanced by using LME/ DME when...
  8. stevonz

    FS: 20L Cubes $10@ or or a bottle of your finest

    I have 3 x 20L cubes for sale @ $10 each - or a bottle of your finest home brew. They have been cleaned with NaPerc & had a spray with starsan. Pickup from Wakerley, Brisbane. I'm about today (Friday) and all weekend.
  9. stevonz

    Hi from Wakerley QLD

    Hello fellow brewers! Getting back into brewing after about 20 years away from it. I used to brew kits in barracks with mates, results in those days weren't that great. Probably a result of infections due to sub-standard hygiene standards. Heaps of friends into all grain brewing and I've...