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  1. Muz

    Two fermenters in one fermentation fridge

    I've got two brew buckets and one large fermentation fridge which both will fit in. Problem is if I'm fermenting two beers at the same time I'm not 100% sure of the best way to control their temps. To date I've been choosing a temp mid way between the two and dangling my heat belt and temp...
  2. Muz

    Saving a Wee Heavy that hasn't started fermenting

    Hi, I brewed a Wee Heavy on the weekend with an SG of 1.098. I built up a multi stage yeast starter of Wyeast 1928 Scottish Ale yeast before the brew day and I noticed there wasn't much activity in terms of krausen/bubbles on the stir plate. I hadn't used this yeast before though so I thought...
  3. Muz

    Re-capping Russian Imperial Stout

    I've got a RIS in bottles in my cupboard and I'm having issues with carbonation. I'm considering popping the caps, adding some CBC-1 yeast and then re-capping. Or maybe I just need to be patient? The beer is a RIS which I brewed a few months back. The yeast is Wyeast 1968 and it was in the...
  4. Muz

    How much do you leave in your boil kettle?

    Just brewed today and I'm wondering how much everyone leaves in their boil kettle when they drain to the cube/fermentor? I have a boil kettle with a pretty high valve outlet. I use a hop spider so I keep hops out of the wort when I'm draining it but there is always heaps of kettle trub at the...
  5. Muz

    First attempt at a Russian Imperial Stout - questions and advice

    So, I wanted to brew a few different things before the world ends. I've always wanted to brew an RIS but haven't got around to in until now. I'm using as a base the Brooklyn Brewery's Black Ops Clone recipe from BYO: https://byo.com/article/the-king-of-stouts/ Questions: 1) So the recipe...
  6. Muz

    Modiferm in the freezer

    Quick one. I purchased some Modiferm the other day from Grain and Grape. When I got home I put all my hops in the freezer, not realising one of them was actually modiferm. It should be still good right? It's an enzyme so freezing it wouldn't do anything?
  7. Muz

    Optimal StarSan content in beer

    So, how much StarSan can be sucked into a beer from a blow off tube before you can taste it... asking for a friend.
  8. Muz

    WTB - 26 Litre Brew Bucket

    Subject says it all. Looking for a second hand brew bucket. Preferably the one with the thremowell but can deal with the one without. I'm in Melbourne (Preston).
  9. Muz

    Bottle conditioning a Belgian Triple... should I use bottling yeast?

    Subject line says it all. I usually don't worry with bottling yeast but this Triple is a little higher ABV than normal so I thought I might need to. I was looking for CBC-1 but everywhere is out of stock at the moment. I can get some EC-1118. Just worried about changing the taste by using it...
  10. Muz

    Checking the Ph of tap water

    I'm new to Ph meters... I'm trying to work out why my mash Ph has been coming in low. I've calibrated my meter using three point calibration but I can't measure the Ph of my tap water. When I try it just slowly climbs from about 4.8 to the low 6s over 30 mins then stops. I've read that...
  11. Muz

    First lager brew - stuck fermentation?

    Looking for some advice around my Munich Dunkel fermentation. I haven't brewed a lager before and on the 20th of October I brewed this recipe: https://byo.com/article/munich-dunkel-the-original-brown-lager-of-bavaria/ Brew day went really well. Mash temps were pretty well spot on and my OG...
  12. Muz

    When is the right time to drink different types of beer?

    I’ve just been thinking about a Belgian Blond I bottled recently. I got some feedback that it might need a little more time in the bottle before it’s at its peak. That got me wondering about bottle conditioning. I know that hoppy beers should be drank as soon as possible as the hop oils don’t...
  13. Muz

    Reducing foaming during heat

    My keezer has been great over winter but not that it's starting to heat up my beers are foaming way too much. is there a solution to this? It's such a waste of beer when the first pour is pure head.
  14. Muz

    Dealing with cloudy wort at the end of vaulaf

    I’ve been playing around with my mash technique lately to get it simpler and more effective. I used to get really cloudy wort into the kettle but by setting the grain bed, lautering and slowing my drainage rate I’ve started to get some really clear wort into the kettle. Not sure if this...
  15. Muz

    Recipe and fermentation advice for first lager brew (Munich Dunkel)

    I’m looking to brew my first lager on the weekend. I had a smashing Munich Dunkel at Stomping Ground the other day and it’s inspired me to try the style myself. Looking around I’ve decided to go with this recipe from BYO.com...
  16. Muz

    Throttling flow by means other than the ball valve

    I’m looking for a way to throttle the flow when I drain from the mush tun to the boil kettle and from the boil kettle to the fermentor that is a) consistent batch to back and b) allows me to always fully open the valve. Both my mash tub and boil kettle have (10mm? 12.5mm?) barbs on them. I like...
  17. Muz

    Gas check valves and CO2 pressure

    I just purchased some Duotight check valves from Keg Land to make sure I don’t get any beer drawn back in the manifold or regulator. I’m about to install them but wondered if they have any noticeable impact on CO2 pressure and carbonation. Also, does anyone use the gas check disconnects? Are...
  18. Muz

    Disconnecting carbed keg from the gas

    Just wanted to check something before I do it. I'm doing two kegs of beer for a grand final party next weekend. The first beer is kegged and carbed and good to go. The second has taken a little longer to finish fermenting than I had hoped and I probably wont keg in unit Tuesday... four days...
  19. Muz

    How long does it take for a yeast starter to do it's thing?

    I've always wondered this. I usually use BeerSmith to work out the size of yeast starter I need. Then recently I was trying to revive a particularly old yeast batch and a friend put me on to yeastcalculator.com. both seem to do they job but I've always wondered what is the a) minimum and b)...
  20. Muz

    Induction brewing... anyone doing it? What induction element do you use.

    I've been looking at moving to an electric kettle recently and whenever I've gone down this rabbit hole in the past induction elements have seemed like a good idea. I've read this method is pretty big in Germany and to me it sounds perfect as I just want to boil my wort in the kettle and I want...