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    Inkbird Giveaway! Open to All!

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    Brewery Bits For Sale

    Thanks for the burners! If you are up in Sydney let me know and we could catch up for a beer!!! cheers!
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    5 Ball Lock Kegs, CO2 Cylinder and Regulator

    if peteru gives up, I am on for gas bottle and reg!
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    Leaking manifold gas tap/valve

    ok thanks guys, tomorrow I will try to break it! :D (I hope no...) and for the 45...well no much I can do..I tried to go back to the shop and they told me that it s the only one they have..so...well..45 it will be! :beerbang:
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    Leaking manifold gas tap/valve

    Hi guys I have a stupid question about KK manifold..I got 2way one yesterday but I would prefer to swap the inlet on the other side...anyone has done it? I tried but it looks very tight.. and I didn't try too hard for avoid to crack it... anyone knows anything about it? then I actually have...
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    Wanted: Mill, burner, wort chiller, CO2 Bottle and regulator...

    mmmh I will like to find all second hand for sure, but if I can't I will love to know some good shops(online as well)
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    Wanted: Mill, burner, wort chiller, CO2 Bottle and regulator...

    Hi guys, I am setting up the new Homebrewhouse! In the title there's all what I'm looking for....so Mill, Burner, wort chiller, CO2 bottle and CO2 regulator... I am not a fancy HB so I don't like to spend too much... for the mill and wort chiller I haven't decided what kind I want....so please...
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    [CNB] Rubbermaid, false bottom, chiller, 50L keg boiler, Corny keg, ga

    Hey Matt I am the wielder of the Flame of Anor I need this gear for protect all this world from the balrog!!!! Stainless steel false bottom. Copper wort chiller. gas ring but I don t live in act...I am in sydney..are you interested to post it? man...it s not for you...it's for the umaneness!!!
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    FS: Brewing Gear (Melbourne)

    Hi is the mill still available?could you send it? cheers
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    C'mon Melbourne!Show me what you can do!

    mmmh the big problem here for make a good pasta or risotto with fungHI(not fungi) is to find real wild PORCINI that are the best quality of funghi we have lots of wild funghi in our bushes...When I was in Brisee I bought some dry funghi and they were low quality and high price... unfortunatly if...
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    C'mon Melbourne!Show me what you can do!

    cool guys! for what you are telling me I rekon to be in the right place!!! thank you very much!! wow 3 raven is at 1.3ks from my place!!!Ithat's awesome!I have to go there!!maybe tomorrow! I already taste few beers of mountain goat they were always awesome, it will be great so see them "in...
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    C'mon Melbourne!Show me what you can do!

    Thanks guys! I live in Thornbury and I think to stay here for few months...It's funny because now I have no more plans..I'm applying for my job all over the country so if anyone answer I'm ready to leave melbourne tomorrow but if it doesn't happen I could stay here for long...Melboure is nice I...
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    C'mon Melbourne!Show me what you can do!

    Hi mates! After the nice experience in Sydney and a beautiful trip with my lady in cairns, I am now in Melbourne! So now it is your turn to tell me the best places for drink good beer!let me know if there are any beer events meetups contests or whatever!Of course I am always glad to meet you...
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    Cock Ale... As In Chicken!

    I have only done oysters stout...not chicken.. But the fat of the chicken, can't damaged the foam? there is also the bacon beer http://rogue.com/beers/voodoo-bacon-maple.php
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    NSW 2013 Xmas in July Case Swap

    nooo guys!!I forgot the day!!!I'm sad for that!! I remember that was around 2x but I thinked it was on july.... (for the title..) that's bad..I miss a big occasion to meet you guys...sorry!
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    Heya aussie brewers

    Never give up!!!l Pay more attention when you clean and sanitize....and everything that comes in contact with the beer must be cleaned and sanitized. for the rest enjoy the beer!
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    mead yeast

    I saw the maxwell on liquorstre in surry hills, not expensive 16$ but I left it in the shop and I bought a bottle of bigfoot of sierra nevada.. :drinks:
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    Hello from Brisbane

    welcome!I'm a metalhomebrewer too!!! :beerbang: