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  1. eviljesus


    Hey guys, I'm chasing someone who can TIG weld. I have some copper and stainless pieces that need joining. It would be less than 1/2 of work for someone who knows what they are actually doing. Can pay in beer or spirits or cash (preferably the first 2). If you're willing and able to help...
  2. eviljesus

    How Much Do You Spend On Alcohol A Month?

    Hey guys, It's recently come to my attention through a variety of methods that I probably spend far too much on alcohol per month. I've never really noticed, nor has it been a problem. I have just set myself a few new financial goals I would like to achieve in the near future which means I...
  3. eviljesus

    Forgotten Batch

    Hey guys, Long time lurker, small time poster, needing a quick bit of advice please. A friend gave me an a homebrew kit that she found stashed away at her workplace that was never touched for some reason. The whole thing had never been opened so I happily took it off her hands when she...