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  1. murpho

    Any ideas on what this hop could be?

    Was at mitre10 for various domestic housey stuff today and came across some hops in the garden area. Thought I might as well grab one to throw in the garden but the details on the pot etc didn't list the variety. The staff had no idea either and I've checked the suppliers website...
  2. murpho

    No chill ipa recipe advice

    hi brewers, I'm looking for some advice on my first all grain IPA. These are the ingredients I have on hand: 6kg gladfield american ale 1kg weyermann pale ale 1/2 kg each of caramunich 2, light crystal, medium crystal 500g galaxy 500g cascade 100g galena 50g horizon Ideally I'd like...
  3. murpho

    US-05 Problems

    Hi there, I've got some issues with US-05 recently. I've have just started doing some biab partial brews (using DME as only about 15% of the fermentables) after starting with extract brewing about 18 months ago. The first partial I did about a month ago has the worst off flavour I've ever...
  4. murpho

    Free bottles Brisbane

    Hi there, Moving interstate and need to offload my bottles. About 150 bottles, all in crates free to good home. Pm me if you're interested Cheers, Tom
  5. murpho

    mosaic galaxy recipe

    hi there, I'm pretty new to this, have a few extract and kit brews under my belt with some hits and misses. I recently tried the james squire hop thief APA 7 and really like it. I wanted to try to make something similar but have no idea what I'm doing so I thought maybe some folk on here could...