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  1. gaijin

    Bottling lager

    Gday. Not sure if this is what you're worried about, but you won't get off flavours from bottle conditioning at a higher temperature than the recommended ferment temperatures within reason. Get the bottles carbed up as warm as reasonable, but below 35C (2 weeks should be fine) and then back to...
  2. gaijin


    Hefeweizen yeast will taste very clean and lose the flavours that you would usually associate with hefes if you over-pitch the yeast or the brewing conditions are too favourable. I've learnt that the hard way by brewing on top of an existing yeast cake. The resulting beer just ends up tasting...
  3. gaijin

    FC Taps and pressure

    Just throwing this out there as well; I had a similar issue to BB. I purchased a 20year old Simpson fridge which had a radiator plate (I think) at the rear of the fridge. Kegs that needed to be pushed up against it for space seemed to be giving me the foaming problems. I think that the kegs...
  4. gaijin

    50LT or 80LT stock pot

    Gday Arron. Go the 80L for sure. That is an amazing price, however only if it's second hand. A brand new one for that price is sure to be a cheap Chinese-made pot with crap welds. When I was buying up for my build 6 years ago, I read lots about the welds failing in the cheap pots. Amateur and...
  5. gaijin

    Advise for what malts ect

    Good choice of beers. You would probably be best running the same base malts as me; I always have 1x 25kg sack each of ale malt, pilsner malt and wheat malt. I keep these in some food-grade containers from Bunnings <link here>. Don't be too alarmed with the amount - I brew a moderate amount -...
  6. gaijin

    Re-using yeast from last ferment

    Clearly Mark is someone with industry experience and isn't afraid of explaining the scientifically correct and purist ways of brewing. Chappo is clearly very experienced and has been brewing for ages and know what tastes right based on lots of personal experience. I've read both of your posts...
  7. gaijin

    Simple Vienna Lager Recipe

    I completely agree. The recipe I gave actually used a Munich lager yeast, but the best chance that OP has at 20C to get a lager flavour is with a clean ale, or California Lager yeast if he can get it. After bottle conditioning, try to pack as many bottles in the fridge to see if it will lager...
  8. gaijin

    Simple Vienna Lager Recipe

    This was my 40L batch recipe: OG 1.048, FG 1.007 5.8% ABV Vienna Malt 6.80 kg Munich Malt 1.6 kg Wheat malt 0.7 kg Motueka 64g 90FWH Styrian Goldings 40g 10mins I use a step mash for my lagers, but just mash at 67C if you're uncertain. Ferment 3x Lalbrew kolsch at as low as you can get...
  9. gaijin

    Sigmund Voss Kviek ideas ?

    I've just put down a kolsch/kveik split where I've used Sigmund's Voss Kveik in one fermenter and kolsch yeast in the other. I'll be bottling the kveik as it finished fermenting in 2 days at 30C with a good blast of O2 and yeast nutrient. I'll report back if it's really good. 40L recipe 2-row...
  10. gaijin

    What are you brewing 2020

    Happy new b...year to you too. Just put down a split batch with one fermenter with a Voss Kveik and one with Kolsch. 35C days have to be good for something, like giving orange peel flavour to beer hopefully.
  11. gaijin

    Hop thief recipe 2019

    Good idea. Use the Coopers pale ale as the base, adding as much of the coopers brew enhancer 3 to get you to the right ABV and dry hop 40g of cascade.
  12. gaijin

    Hop thief recipe 2019

    Sorry - I read "and or malts" being AG also... . I haven't brewed with liquid malt for 7 years, but if you can source some light dry malt extract or liquid malt extract and steep the munich, you should get most of the way there. There is a coopers dry malt extract with maltodextrine which should...
  13. gaijin

    Raspberry Hop Flavor

    Just in case anyone was hanging out on Enigma hops descriptors, I wouldn't count on raspberry. I got spice and melon, but not unsurprisingly, it's hard to pin down the flavour hence the name.
  14. gaijin

    Hop thief recipe 2019

    Okay, try this - I've scaled down to a 21 litre batch. This will get you moderate hop flavour/aroma. Dial up the dry hops to max 140g total if you want a bowl of spicy orange in a glass. 2-row pale ale malt 2.80 kg 74% Wheat malt 0.60 kg 16% Munich Malt 0.40 kg 11% Cascade 25g 90mins...
  15. gaijin

    Hop thief recipe 2019

    I haven't had a hop thief for a few years, but I have a very similar pale ale recipe that's my go to. What flavours did you get from it? I'll post up an equivalent recipe for you to try based on what you mention. Might not be spot on, but will give you something to fine tune if no one else replies.
  16. gaijin

    Raspberry Hop Flavor

    I don't know of any hops with raspberry in the descriptors other than enigma, which I've put a slug of in an Xmas Amber yesterday. I'll report back in here if there's tonnes of raspberry aroma, but I doubt it. I reckon there's something like this in it...
  17. gaijin

    Brisbane Grain BB Oct - Hoppy Days

    Thanks Brewno Marz(en) 1. Brewno Marz: 2 x Wey boh pils 2. Adbrewer: 1 x BB Pale, 1 x BB Ale, 1 X BB Wheat 3. Pikeman: 1 x BB Pale Ale, 1 x Weyermann Vienna 4. damohb: 1x BB Pale Ale, 1x BB Wheat 5. gaijin: 1x GF Ale Malt, 1x GF Wheat Total sacks: 11
  18. gaijin

    Buying Bulk Hops

    I was being sarcastic, but not by much. Winegrowers in Tasmania are changing the varieties of wine they plant to match the climate change they're experiencing. Hope it doesn't extend to hops. I second https://hoppydaysbrewingsupplies.com.au. If I didn't have so many hops in the freezer, I would...
  19. gaijin

    Buying Bulk Hops

    How bout a bit of positive spin on that.... the state that supports the Antarctic being a hop growing region in 30 years.
  20. gaijin

    Silly hop whirlpool question

    To give you a guide, my whirlpool hops are dropped in the moment I turn the gas off and run the cooling coil. I've worked out they contribute 5mins worth of IBUs to my wort as if I had added a 'standard' 5min addition. This is because they're contributing IBUs until the temperature drops below...