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  1. wedge

    Brew Books

    Hey all, I am looking at expanding my "brew library" and was wonder what books people had out there. Especially what books have people got that dramtically changed either the quality of there beer or there understanding of the process. Cheers
  2. wedge

    Decypher A Flavour Help

    Ok, so i am getting a flavour(s) in quite a few of my beers. It is not apparent in the heavier beers but is in the my lighter beers. It is also made worst by the fact that I have been using Saflager as a yeast as I had a budget deficit problem which seems to be just yaaah...
  3. wedge

    Does Any Sell Glass Bottles?

    My old man cleaned out his shed on the weekend and threw away 100 of my grolsch bottles. Some of which i was cellaring. (I say shed, buts not really a shed). As a result Wedge has not bottles. Does anyone sell long necks out there.
  4. wedge

    Raspberry Dunkelweizen

    I'm looking at doing a Raspberry Dunkelweizen this weekend. Their is a lot of information on this site about fruit beers and dunkelweizen. Particually most people who have done raspberry beers have noted that the flavour is rich, but tart and in the darker beers only really the aroma is...
  5. wedge

    American Pale Ale

    Guys, i have been tinkering with this recipe. It is a Pale American Ale Recipe. I wanted something really easy drinking. A ProMash Recipe Report BJCP Style and Style Guidelines ------------------------------- 10-B American Ale, American Amber Ale Min OG: 1.045 Max OG: 1.060...
  6. wedge

    Big Brew Day After 12monts Of Abstinence

    Well had the big brew day on Saturday, the first in 12 months. I decided to brew an alt based on some of the recipes floating around this site and using the German Ale Dry Yeast with spalt hops and a 50/50 munich and ale base with some crystal and chocolate for colour. It was a bit of a...
  7. wedge

    Sss Welding

    Is there any one in Adelaide willing to weld a HWS Element onto a keg for beers, money or my first born. Will really appreciate it!
  8. wedge

    Sa Home Brew Shops

    Just a quick question. I haven't brewed in 18months. Last time i bought grain i had three shops to choose from, Grumpy's, Goliaths and Jovial Monks. However its seems one is only online and i dont know if ill get the product in time for the weekend, the other is gone and the last has never got...
  9. wedge

    Ss False Bottom

    Does anyone know where you get these? I'm in Adelaide and have just upgraded my rectangular esky to Rubbermaid. I'm pretty keen to give it a whirl this weekend but i need a false bottom? :(
  10. wedge

    Grainpotential Sg And Promash

    Guys, in the past i have used the figures in promash as bible for the potential each grains has. I have started trying to find some data such that i can customise my recipes. Im interested in getting a consistent efficiency again, whilst i dont really care if this 30% or 100% i...
  11. wedge

    Hlt Thermostat

    Right, i've finally got my ass into gear to get a HLT. I have been mashing using only one keg for 18 months now. So i'm looking at sourcing a keg, placing in a 2400kw element and a 'Mashmaster Thermostat'. What i have noticed is that alot of the HLT pictures on this site show the probe from...
  12. wedge

    Grain Crusher - Drill Attachment

    Guys, i've got a barley crusher that i have only used sadly once. :o But i'm going to fix that. Want i want to know is how i can use the drill to run my crusher rather than my arm. Can anyone out there help me. The bit attached to the roller is round, (i think), but that being...
  13. wedge

    My First Brew In 6 Months

    Guys, due to work i haven't brewed in 6 month. Oh the humanity!!!! So to get back on the horse i'm looking to do 2 brew this weekend. Has anyone got any suggestions? Something all mash and beautiful, perferably ale
  14. wedge

    Yeast Station

    I finally got sick and tired today of all the plastic bottles in my fridge that contained 100mm of wort and 3mm of yeast on the bottom. So i went out and bought 25 vials and a stand. Ive washed my yeast with distilled water and then placed them into the vials. As a result my fridge now has a...
  15. wedge

    Tf Amber Malt

    Ok heres another question. what is the deal with this grain. i assume it is similar to chocalate malt just not as roasted. I figure it would have the same chocale flavour but without the bite. I was thinking of using this in a brown ale instead of the chocolate malt. While im at it..... :P...
  16. wedge

    Caramel Grains

    Ok just a question. What is the difference between pils, munich etc crystals. Is there an apparent flavor difference or do the different grains only affect the colour of your beer.? :ph34r:
  17. wedge

    Simcoe Cream Ale

    this is a brew just going into CC, i did it two weeks ago with chiller. This beer is BEAUTIFUL GRAPEFRUIT GALORE Here is the recipe Simcoe Creamy Ale A ProMash Recipe Report Recipe Specifics ---------------- Batch Size (L): 23.00 Wort Size (L): 23.00 Total Grain (kg)...
  18. wedge

    Bulk Idophor

    Just trying to do some cost saving. Does anyone know where you can buy this in bulk. (ie. Missing the HBS and gowing straight to the supplier :o ) I cant believe that HBS buy it for any where near what we pay for it. ] Sorry HBS owners. But i'm looking after number one! :D
  19. wedge

    Speckled Hen

    Has anyone else tried this beer. Its pretty good. Does anyone know the hop in it. Could it be POR? Taste sort of similar , (though i do have a Cold). I'm guessing the IBUs are in the mid-30s
  20. wedge


    Is there anywhere in australia that supplies either the B/Crusher or Valley Mills