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  1. heshtek

    Hello,coopers canadian blonde

    Just finished sanitizing my bottles. I'm bottling 2 fermenters of Canadian blonde tonight. Both hopped with Nelson and Amarillo. One I added some steeped grains. Should be a good comparison. I've heard good things about this kit so I hope it turns out nice.
  2. heshtek

    Have I killed my brew

    An almost identical thing happened to me. I was running 2 submersible heaters and one crapped out. When it short circuited it tripped the safety switch on my powerboard and the power was out all night. By the time I had one back up and running the brew was sitting at 16 degrees. It started...
  3. heshtek

    CUB launches new Crown Golden Ale

    Also wow I just realized I went to school with that Richard Oppy guy (General manager). Maybe I can scab some beer off him.
  4. heshtek

    CUB launches new Crown Golden Ale

    Hopefully it will actually taste different from all the other CUB beers (which seem to be the same beer with a different label).
  5. heshtek

    Nelson Sauvin hops anyone ever used them?

    Oh yeah and I didn't bag them when I put them in. I chucked them in nude............................................... sexy
  6. heshtek

    Nelson Sauvin hops anyone ever used them?

    Well for anyone that cares I finally tasted my brew today. It was a coopers original lager with 1kg BE2 and 250g DME. I dry hopped with Nelson on day 7 and left them in there for 5 days. I went a bit pussy on the amount i used (10g) because of the mixed response I got on here about them. They...
  7. heshtek

    8 Beers you should never drink... supposedly

    Yeah an anti GMO friend of mine who likes constantly spamming me on facebook with anti GMO stuff posted this also. Funny thing is that i think they are so blinded by the GMO crap they forgot that the actual ingredient in beer that is not good for you is alcohol. I love drinking the stuff myself...
  8. heshtek

    Boiling hops for flavour

    I dry hopped a kit brew with some Amarillo hops and tasted it for the first time last night. OMFG it was good and now I want to make another brew with even more hoppy flavour in it. I was thinking of boiling some hops in a little DME to achieve this. As I'm adding this to a kit I suppose extra...
  9. heshtek

    Schumacher out of coma.

    Can't believe he is out of the coma after being under for so long. There were news reports saying that 'only a miracle' could bring him out of the coma. Hopefully he hasn't lost too much mental capacity.
  10. heshtek

    Chasing some cascade rhizomes

    I bought some on ebay last week. I hope they are good.
  11. heshtek

    Beer prices . AFL crowd numbers down.

    Its amazing how when drinking at the cricket somebody always seems to go out when you are lining up for a beer or visiting the amenities :) Also yes it is way too expensive the same as everything else at the footy.
  12. heshtek

    RIP Rik Mayall

    Poor dude wasn't that old either. Apparently he had some quad bike accident a few years back and wasn't the same after it. I've heard rumors he died of a seizure or something. Yes he was the best character on the Young Ones.
  13. heshtek

    Least Favourite Hop?

    To all the Nelson haters I'm dry hopping with 10g of it tomorrow night (hate me now). Never tasted it and hopefully it wont ruin the brew. Amarillo is my fav. I dry hopped with fuggles once and didn't like it but from what people are saying here it isn't supposed to be used for dry hopping.
  14. heshtek

    Looking for a recipe for little creatures pale or similar

    The first brew I've ever dry hopped tastes a fair bit like little creatures (well the wort did I haven't tasted the carbonated and bottled end product yet) Ingredients 1 x Coopers Australian Pale Ale kit 1kg Brew enhancer 2 250g LDME US05 yeast 25g Amarillo hops I dry hopped with the Amarillo...
  15. heshtek

    Hop trellis design

    That sir is bloody impressive to say the least. Such a mighty mighty tower of hops.
  16. heshtek

    Well I opened my first solo brew!

    For mine I used Coopers Australian Pale Ale can 1kg brew enhancer 2 300g LDME US-05 yeast Dry hopped with 25g Amarillo on day 7 Bottled on day 15 And yes you read my mind the next step is to incorporate some grains (probably crystal as you have done) and I'm also going to up the dry hopping. I...
  17. heshtek

    Well I opened my first solo brew!

    Sound good bro. I bottled my first brew that I have dry hopped and used yeast other than the stuff that comes with the kit. I had a taste when I bottled it and if it turns out anything like that then it will be awesome.
  18. heshtek

    Hop trellis design

    Awesome that is pretty much exactly how I was planning to run mine.
  19. heshtek

    Getting rid of that "homebrew taste"

    I'm only a beer n00b that has made several kits tweaked with some hops / malt etc. Never done all grain brewing. That said, I've never made a beer that tastes like a commercial one. But sometimes I will drink a nice beer that I've made myself and think that commercial beer companies will never...
  20. heshtek

    Using Cling Wrap Instead Of An Airlock

    I want to try using gladwrap instead of my lid and airlock. I have my fermenters in a big tub with water in it that's heated by submersible aquarium heaters to keep the fermenters at my desired temp. I have to lift them out of the tub and put them on a table to take gravity readings so I know...