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  1. Quintrex

    Marga Mill For Sale - Melbourne

    Hi Folks, I'm selling the mighty marga mill, I'm about to move house so getting rid of some stuff. This three roller mill gives fantastic crush quality, it's a great mill and I have no hesitation in recommending it. It has been suitably modified to give suitable cracking of grains for brewing...
  2. Quintrex

    2012 Funky Beer Swap

    Announcing a call for entrants for the 4th Funky Beer Swap. Every year I have been amazed at the range and quality of the beer's that we get in the Funky Beer swap. If Sour/Funky beers are your thing, get on board. The 2012 swap has been timed so that the swap can be done at or around the...
  3. Quintrex

    For Sale Brand New Blichman Autosparge

    As the topic says, I have a Blichman Autosparge for sale, never been used/installed. Looking for $60. Plus postage if required http://www.blichmannengineering.com/auto_s...uto_sparge.html Do not PM to make your offer. (my inbox is kinda full) First post to say they'll buy it, get's it. I...
  4. Quintrex

    Wtb Liquid Keg Post - Male Thread

    Hi Guys, I'm just after a one (or a couple) of Liquid post/s for a keg but with male thread (to Screw into the keg). The PM me if can help. Cheers, Q
  5. Quintrex

    Funky Beer Swap 2010

    Announcing the 2nd AHB australia-wide funky/sour beer case swap The first swap worked really well! see Funky Beer Swap 09 and now for the 2nd edition. The 2010 swap has been timed so that the swap can be done at or around the 2nd aussie national homebrew conference (28-30 october), failing...
  6. Quintrex

    Funky Beer Swap

    It gives me great pleasure to announce the inaugural AHB australia-wide funkified beer case swap Rules (Work in Progress-will need feedback) The swap shall be capped at 12 participants The swap will occur sometime towards october 2009(date to be determined) Please only submit deliberately...
  7. Quintrex

    Changing Regulator Cylinder Connector

    Hey guys Almost got a basic keg setup together however the regulator that I have got is a Boc one that is a few years old and the connector on it is a slightly larger size than the thread on the CO2 bottle that I have. The regulator says it can be used with CO2. Any ideas where I can get a...
  8. Quintrex

    Bottling Yeast

    Hi All As a dedicated bottler, I'm after some advice as to what is the best bottling yeast to use. My dilemma is this I've made a kolsch and a couple of pilsners, which are the kind of beers which could be appreciated by the masses however when you take some bottles over to a mates the yeast...
  9. Quintrex

    Pilsner Malt

    Hi All I've been wonder for a while how our aussie pilsner malts stack up against the Germain/Belgian (or european in general) pilsner malts. I've heard US pils, sucks comparatively) In particular Powells pilsner, Joe White and BB Galaxy. I have used Powells as a base grain before and it...
  10. Quintrex

    Saison Yeast

    Hi. Going to brew my first saison and was wondering how useful/necessary a good saison yeast is. Does it really "make" this style or would my wyeast 3944(wit) or 3787(trappist high grav) be better. :huh: I'm thinking of pitching initially with a 3787 starter and then following this with a...