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  1. abyss

    Ale verses Lager

    Here is the difference between my Morgan's QLD Larger and lager / ale beers. Both have 500g LDME and 700g DEX. Dry hopped with Cluster flowers, POR and DR Rudi pellets. The ale was washed Morgan's Premium ale yeast + O2 and naturally keg carbed 80g Dex.18 deg. Lager had washed Morgan's prem...
  2. abyss

    Wanted Cluster Rhizome

    If anybody can send one to Batemans Bay I'm happy to pay or can swap for Saaz or dr Rudi or beer.
  3. abyss


  4. abyss

    Lager and Ale ferment together ?

    G'day Brewers I just mixed up two batches of Blue Mountains Lager which was going to be fermented at 12c. With Morgan's Premium Lager yeast, washed. But I accidentally chucked ale yeast in one fermenter. What temp should I set my fridge at as they have to go in together ?
  5. abyss

    I just lost a shit load of CO2

    G'day keggers. Last brew day I keg hopped two kegs and used 8kg fishing line to hang the hop bags from. I just tied the line to the hop bag with some marbles as a weight and ran it out between the keg and lid. Now my recently filled 6 kg cylinder is nearly empty...luckily I have a pair of the...
  6. abyss

    Has anybody tried smoking hops ?

    I have. Today is or was brew day and I decided to roll and smoke, a Champion Ruby + Cascade flower. Now I can't find my ******* hydrometer. I feel very hoppy.
  7. abyss

    Do hop flowers have seeds ?

    G'day all I would like to know if it's possible to germinate a plant from an online purchased flower or even a fresh one ?
  8. abyss

    O2 into H2O

    I'm thinking of pressurising a corny full of water with O2 through the dip tube, let it sit overnight then transfer it to my fermenter with my kit brew instead of using an oxy wand. I can't see why it wouldn't work but am wondering how much pressure to use. My other idea is to just connect a...
  9. abyss


    G'day, where can I source some of this it sounds cool.
  10. abyss

    Beer afloat.

    I like to have a couple of middies whilst fishing and am going to hook up a 9.5 corny to this tap. It may foam up a bit but I will keep you posted. I hope I'm not going overboard. I am even thinking of using a CO2 extinguisher for dispensing and I can use it to put out fires.
  11. abyss

    Have I cracked the code ?

    I don't know if this has been discussed previously but I am thinking that the Home Brand Draught and Lager from W are actually Morgans. The bottom of the tins have very similar codes and the 5g yeast thing is stuck to the can with the same glue. Can anyone confirm this please?
  12. abyss

    Late G'day

    I love this site for the great info and humour. I have made posts years ago but can't remember if I ever had the manners to introduce myself. Any way I am on the NSW South Coast and am quite happy brewing kit beer to feed my new Keezer which feeds me and my mates and sons. I thank you all for...
  13. abyss

    Is This Too Good To Be True?

    Gday Brewers, has any one ever heard of (outboardsexp.com). They aparrently export outboard motors, motor bikes,jet skis, atv's ect,world wide from Japan for about a quater of the price of what you would pay down under and the price includes shipping. It certainly sounds too good to be true...
  14. abyss

    Easy Bottle Rinsing

    Gday brewers, I just thought I would show you an easy and fast way to rinse your bottles before sanitising them.I made this quickly the other day out of bits and pieces and it works unreal. Ive learnt heaps from this forum over the past few weeks and want to give something back,hopefully.Regards...
  15. abyss

    I Just Want To Make Good Beer

    Gday Beer People . I am getting back into brewing Beer after about 20 years. And I am after a recipie to make an Aussie type of bitter beer similar but better than Melborne Bitter. I reckon that commercial beer like MB,VB ect, has gone down hill in the past few years due to reducing the alchol...