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    Braumeister 20L Plus

    Congratulations likewise. I love my BM 20+ with hood. Build quality will not leave you disappointed. Mine also came from GnG. Got about 25 brews under the belt now. The built in chiller is simple but not as quick as an immersion chiller. Run mine from a 25000L rainwater tank through the BM and...
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    Newbie looking to learn the Belgian ropes

    Yep. Also, volume-wise, the candi syrup doesn't amount to much volume anyway.
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    Newbie looking to learn the Belgian ropes

    There are loads of clone recipes on the net. Castle Malting has a good selection of generic Belgian beers. https://www.castlemalting.com/CastleMaltingBeerRecipes.asp?Language=English&RecipeType=Beer Brewfather (brewing software) has a library you can browse for clones and then copy and modify...
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    Keg Transfer Made Easy...

    Great thread this. Wildwhitty can you explain how you modified the dip tube. Shortening or bending away from the central indentation on the bottom of the keg. Cheers
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    Cheap and water efficient wort chiller setup?

    A mate told me of a friend who puts his cube in a swimming pool for quick chilling. No wasting of water. I'm going to try that. Meanwhile I run water from my 5000 litre rainwater tank through a chiller coil and the outlet goes back into the tank. 90 C down to mid 20s in about 30 minutes. Only...
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    Counter pressure can filler

    I'm interested in your Tapcooler bottle filler. I'll PM you if I can figure out how to do that.
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    Water Test Kits

    Well done getting a custom report. Your figures are a bit different to mine. I got a reply from one of the water engineers at council who advised that central Nowra where I live (Osborne Street) could be supplied by either Flatrock or Bamarang but that, regardless, their figures are consistently...
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    Water Test Kits

    Hi Dave, I live in Nowra and have just started to look at Shoalhaven Tap Water chemistry when I noted this post from you. Wondering if you might be able to furnish figures fror chloride and alkalinity which are not published in the monthly water data reports by Shoalhaven Water, Cheers, Bruce