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    FS: Beer Belly Falsie Sydney Hills

    Esky style false bottom as per beer belly description. Suits up to 70ltr. Great condition $50 http://shop.beerbelly.com.au/falsie.html
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    Syd Hills District Long necks

    Hi guys, got 4 cartons of coopers long neck bottles for sale. All clean. $10/carton, or $30 for all 4. Will have around 4 more cartons over coming weeks also. Cheers
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    Keg fridge weight limit.

    Hi guys, have recently bought 4x23litre kegs, plus a 6kg kegking steel c02 cylinder. All of these will fit in my 373litre fridge, however that adds up to a serious amount of weight. I've had all 4 in empty with full gas bottle no drama but full keg is seriously heavy, all 4 would be heaps. The...
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    Gas bottle, rent vs buy

    So in the market for a bottle. Was going to do the obvious and buy a bottle, find fill place etc. Seems most places are swap and go which I've never been a big fan of. If I pay $300 or so for a shiny new bottle I'd want to get it back rather than someone's battered old one. Now this won't solve...
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    Kegs, New vs second hand.

    I've had a fair old search and can't come up with much on what is best way to go. I'm looking at getting probably 4 kegs at this stage. New presumably Chinese made for $125 each or second hand from craftbrewer @ $80 each. I'm guessing the second hand ones might be a bit hit and miss, but also...
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    Buying a large BIAB pot.

    Hi guys new to all this after only 7 extract and partials. I'm looking at going all grain and thinking of getting a pot big enough for triple batch. Main reasons are both time saving and lowering my delivery or fuel costs to 1/3 of what they'd be otherwise. 1. Is doing a triple batch a silly...