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  1. wide eyed and legless

    Food Pairings.

    Enjoying my Extra Stout with some Stilton cheese, I like my bitters with something spicy, but I think the Stilton and stout really go well together. Can't wait for this lock down to finish and get over to Portarlington and get stuck into the Blue Grenadier, mussels and mussel stout at the Little...
  2. wide eyed and legless

    Children's Cancer Foundation

    Anyone wishing to donate to a very worthy cause the Children's Cancer Foundation can do so here, poor kids do it tough, a lot to young to even understand why. The Million Dollar Lunch Giving Day
  3. wide eyed and legless

    EOI House of Malt B/B

    Gave The House of Malt Aussie Pale Malt a try, while the grain seemed only slightly smaller than Voyager was very happy with the end results. Just putting it out there if there is any interest in a B/B, a small Aussie company doing it tough in this present clime could do with some help.
  4. wide eyed and legless

    Kveik Dry Yeast

  5. wide eyed and legless

    EOI Voyager Malt. Also the new geared 3 roller grain mill.

    As has been requested from a participant of the last Voyager Bulk Buy there will be another one, for the Sydney guys sorbea will again take delivery, the prices are once again 25% discount though the prices have gone up from the last BB. Victoria as previous pick up from Keg King Also up for a...
  6. wide eyed and legless

    Bottle stoppers

    Got theses a while back, re-usable and cheap off Ali express, about 1 cent each.
  7. wide eyed and legless

    A stolen idea.

    I had never seen this done before a guy sent me a video where he roused the yeast from its sleep. Cold day today in Melbourne and this is the second time I have tried this,harvested yeast out of the fridge first thing this morning, mashed, and while draining the last few drops of wort into a...
  8. wide eyed and legless

    Amount of CO2 released during fermentation and its uses.

    Using gas from the fermentation can allow you to purge your kegs, purge a secondary fermenter, make up a cask breather if casking, also make up a breather if cold crashing with little or no pressure. These collapsible water carriers come in useful to use with a cask, either in the fridge or...
  9. wide eyed and legless

    EOI Voyager Malt.

    Voyager Craft Malt, discount 20 to 25 % off listed price, discount dependent on the amount sold I am sure we could reach a target for 25%. Sydney base brewers who are interested am willing to source a price for transporting to a single destination.
  10. wide eyed and legless

    Keg King S/Steel Uni tank

    Carrying on from the Guten thread it seems only apt to start another thread for those interested in a s/steel fermenter the KK Uni Tank will be in stock this week, changes made to the sample is the 1/2" BSP dump valve will now be 3/4" BSP. The glycol cooling system I believe is being replaced...
  11. wide eyed and legless

    Brau Wolf.

    Another single vessel brewery to come out of China they have a 40 litre and a 60 litre, well made and a satin finish on the outside, highly polished malt pipe with a cleverly designed base plate which interlocks on to the malt pipe. They have obviously read the Guten thread to pick up on the...
  12. wide eyed and legless

    UK's oldest brewery unearthed.

  13. wide eyed and legless


    Anyone who hasn't got the book, here is a link to the book, YEAST by Chris White & Jamil Zainasheff. http://www.chateau-ifach.be/bierbrouwen/Yeast_The_Practical_Guide_to_Beer_Fermentation.pdf
  14. wide eyed and legless

    I wonder what the waste will be?

    UK company to produce hydrogen from plastic waste, but I wonder what the waste will be after conversion. http://waste2tricity.com/
  15. wide eyed and legless

    Barley prices set to rise.

    So barley prices set to go up due to global warming it's time to let the GM boffins start playing around with barley, wheat they have done a brilliant job, some places that couldn't even grow wheat are now getting 2 crops a year, and it takes around 10 years to GM a species so it would be an...
  16. wide eyed and legless

    A step forward, or backwards?

    Reading one of Charlie Bamforth's books last night came across something I had never heard of, as the book was more about his psychological meanderings, the detail that he went into was very sparse so I looked it up today and here is a link to what the future may hold. Charlie did mention he had...
  17. wide eyed and legless

    Pressure Relief Valve Spares.

    I bought some spare valves and be marking up those interested in what is left as soon as those who ordered have got theirs I will post these out. 1 sneakyseagull x 1 2 Half-baked x 2 3 Charst x 1
  18. wide eyed and legless

    Replicating a bygone ale

    When Fullers say they have replicated a brew from the days of yore, as in their Past Master series I wonder how close they could possibly be, I doubt there would be anyone put an argument up. Much as I would like to know what folk were drinking 100 years or so ago, I just wonder how close they...
  19. wide eyed and legless

    Couldn't find a towel.

    I reckon that was Simon Goodwin's predicament, what a woeful display by Melbourne.
  20. wide eyed and legless

    Simple blood test to reveal cancer Aussie breakthrough.

    Most cancer slip through the net showing no symptoms until it is to late, this is a really good sign of things to come. 5 years ago I was diagnosed with gastric cancer, already to late had no confidence in chemo, so refused that after the second round. Read a lot about immunotherapy so opted for...