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  1. Danscraftbeer

    Beersmith question. How to duplicate recipe for small modifications?

    How do I copy a keeper recipe for minor modifications? If I've got a keeper recipe but cant clone it exactly with ingredients how do I record the second variation without altering the original recorded recipe. (clone) the recipe just so I can record the small modifications? Instead of visually...
  2. Danscraftbeer

    Cereal Mash using added enzyme?

    I made a lager with 24% Maize (milled on the day). Did the cereal mash (as below). My efficiency fell under estimations which never happens to me using all malted grains. Happy to say I always hit my estimations spot on and around 76+% total efficiency. So I can only conclude that I didnt...
  3. Danscraftbeer

    A real current day Mystery

    Turned on news Radio and was playing audio from Dune. The Sci Fi. movie with Paul Maudeeb teaching his army how to use the sonic weapons etc. Hu!! This is news radio? Following reports had me turning it up, wow. Gotta watch this unfold...
  4. Danscraftbeer

    Online beer swap.

    Just throwing the thought out there. Beer for Beer swap forum. Or sample archive. Clean swap most times or receiver pays for postage only. Postage is the game :eek: (PET bottles for obvious reasons) . Is there a go to online beer swap thing? Be good if it was all wrapped up into one browse...
  5. Danscraftbeer

    Cascade Rhizomes EOI Frankston Victoria

    I have to dig up some crowns and trim them so I've got a pile of unsorted Rhizomes. Kinda late to do this I know and not really organized or committed to doing the posting thing but I will if there is enough interest etc. Otherwise someone can make an offer to pick them all up. If you were to...
  6. Danscraftbeer

    Suck the air out of your hop flowers before dry hopping?

    Just an experiment and wondering if its worth it. Fresh dried hop flowers into the keg then filling it with beer my thought is that the flowers are very ,fluffy? holding lots of air pockets etc. Oxygen being the enemy of hop aroma I am trying this method. I'm either getting desensitized to hop...
  7. Danscraftbeer

    Any fridge doctors give a diagnosis?

    My temp controlled fridge I think has faulted. The light works. Its not my temp controller. Its not turning on now I'm trying to chill a 40lt batch. The small freezer at the top is very warm inside. Unnaturally warm when its should normally be freezing when I chill. Cant pull the fridge out to...
  8. Danscraftbeer

    Describe your Home Grown Hop Harvest Beer

    Describe your Home grown Harvest beer experiences. Ha. That is a question beyond my own vocabulary. Eg. I'm Drinking a Chinook Ale that's in the mid balance of APA. Small bit of a neutral bittering hop like magna for ~60 minute to get 1/3rd of the total IBU level. Then a pillow full amounts at...
  9. Danscraftbeer

    A predicament. What to do? 1 brew split in 2 then combined?

    I brewed 40lt German Ale and no chilled in two 20lt cubes. The whole plan to pitch next weekend in the 50lt kegmenter when its free. This morning found 1 lid split. I am stepping up the yeast and its in high krausen so I set up the 23lt keg to pitch half the starter and ferment that half now...
  10. Danscraftbeer

    Synthetic yeast developement

    I couldn't help but post this after hearing it today and immediately think of how it may be able to design certain brewing yeast strains ha.. So all the Frankenstein fears all come with crazy new science like being able to synthesize life etc. http://syntheticyeast.org/ They make synthetic...
  11. Danscraftbeer

    Hop Randal experiments not good

    So this is kegmented beer that's finished naturally carbonated, then chilled, then transferred to serving kegs that's in the pic. Dry hopping with pressure fermented/carbonated technique is limited to dry hopping in the serving keg IMO which works quite well (as long as you put the hop sock in...
  12. Danscraftbeer

    Fruit and nuts. In mash or boil?

    Did a bit of a search but didn't hit the nail on the head for the question. So I'm intrigued by the cereal mash thing. To go more out of the square I'm curious about dried fruit and nuts into something dark most probably. Maybe call it Nutty Fruitcake Stout or something. So obviously I'll have...
  13. Danscraftbeer

    PET bottles multi size and colors.

    We only have the 740ml option in brown. What about a better range. Who do we look to for such a thing. For beer brewing of course from 330ml to 3000ml. In brown, but I would like in total black. Or green for Cider etc. Why stop there. Any size, any color. What's the possibilities? Honestly I...
  14. Danscraftbeer

    Are you scared of your Census 2016?

    Discuss. :P IMO. Anyone could find or feel reasons uncomfortable to fill it out. Then again everyone sacrificed privacy to be on facebook. Or reasons not to fill it out threaten fines up to $180 a day until it is submitted. :lol: Personally I cant be bothered fearing anything anymore. What's...
  15. Danscraftbeer

    Lager on tap 3 weeks from brew day

    Not trying to blow smoke up my own arse here. If anything I will say I'm no connoisseur and cant notice the negatives of a green beer. If I've still got Diacetyl in my lagers its not a bad flavour to me but not sure if its there or not. Anyway happy with results of my now pressure ferment and...
  16. Danscraftbeer

    My Victoria Hops have little aroma, a little worried

    Just boiling a Victoria Harvest Ale. Never tried them so its a one hop beer. As for a relative of Galaxy they have very little Aroma is that normal? They had plenty of sticky lupulin I thought. Reading about them their supposed to be good for dual purpose. I'm using dried for earlier additions...
  17. Danscraftbeer

    The Judge sheet. For pro's and home brewers.

    I research like every other enthusiast and get overwhelmed. I'm looking for a basic beer tasting judging sheet. What is the most generalised judejment printable file. I use beersmith maybe I've missed something here.
  18. Danscraftbeer

    Buffalow Sauce Needs a new name here is oz?

    Basically crispy fryed chicken ( of various cuts) doused in a chilli butter sauce, :icon_drool2: I make many bottles of chilli sauce each year with a rating of 2 to 10++. The simple recipe is half and half of chilli sauce and Butter. Added touches optional Its been an gastronomic adventure of...
  19. Danscraftbeer

    Lupulin burp.

    :chug: Wow! Tasting the 2nd keg of my first pressure brewed ale mildly bittered with Magna and heavy late hopped and dry hopped in the keg with Galaxy. Cloudy (no finings). Only cold crashing is from now that its cold and on tap. This is high on the nose as soon as you get it close to your...
  20. Danscraftbeer

    Kegmenter. Are they good to use?

    Anyone use them and are they a good choice? It can fit in my temp control fridge were a conical would not. I'm thinking of getting one because a batch of beers I've made taste like plastic. Still puzzled as to why but fear that my plastic fermenters have done too many miles perhaps. Plastic...