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  1. Black Devil Dog

    WTB Braumeister Controller

    Sadly my Braumeister controller exited the brewing world today. It had been a loyal servant for several years and had never once let me down, but today it brewed its last batch. With a faint gasp and the unmistakable smell of burning plastic, it entered the afterlife. Before I go ahead and buy...
  2. Black Devil Dog

    Swing Tops

    Off loading 48 swing top bottles. 425ml & 500ml Grolsch, 450ml EZ Cap & 500ml Altenmunster. (I think they're the sizes.) Most are clean, some are a bit manky. If I get time I'll give them a rinse. Included are the 2/ ply wood six pack holders pictured, which I made a couple of years ago...
  3. Black Devil Dog

    Total Hardness or Total Alkalinity

    My water report (Sunshine Coast) has two different readings for CaCO3 and I'm not sure which one I need to use. I haven't delved deeply into water chemistry yet but I'm keen to and I would like to make sense of this conundrum.
  4. Black Devil Dog

    Hawke's Brewing Co

    The Silver Bodgie has a brewery named after him. His beer drinking antics are legendary and he still doesn't mind skolling a beer or two at the cricket, so it's kind of appropriate for the former P.M to have a brewery named after him.
  5. Black Devil Dog

    Bottle Australian Air if You Want to get Rich.

    While us home brewers are pondering and discussing the pros and cons of the various ways of aerating/oxygenating our wort, there's an opportunity that's literally right under our noses to make bucket loads of cash, just by selling the same stuff we're pumping into our fermenters...
  6. Black Devil Dog

    FS: 30 litre Sansone SS Olive Oil fermenter and other stuff. Golden Be

    Selling my 2 Sansone, Stainless steel olive oil fermenters. One of them has a very small dent near the bottom. It was there when I unpacked it and it didn't bother me then and hasn't been an issue since. Asking $120 each. Bottle Tree. $25 Swing Top Bottles. 27 assorted bottles...
  7. Black Devil Dog

    Missing Person

    A person very close to me has disappeared and his parents, brothers, sisters and friends are extremely anxious as to his whereabouts and well being. He was going to attend a Home Brew Competition in Robe, South Australia, last Saturday 17/9/16 but we don't know if he went or not. He most likely...
  8. Black Devil Dog

    Bittering after kegging.

    I recently brewed a lager using my home grown POR hops as the only hops in the brew. All added as First wort addition. Unfortunately I massively over estimated the AA % of my hops and as such the beer completely lacks balance between bitterness and sweetness. There's quite a bit of information...
  9. Black Devil Dog

    Time stamp on posts.

    The time stamp on posts seems to be set to Dallas Texas time. Current posts are showing as having been posted at 9.30ish PM. Might need to be reset. Edit: This post is saying that it was posted at 10.03 PM, but It's only 12.35 PM.
  10. Black Devil Dog

    Domestic Violence

    Men don't hit women! Those words are the exact words my dad growled at me, when, as a 15 year old, I hit my sister during an argument. He was holding me by the ear when he said it and he stood about 6ft tall, so he certainly had my attention. He only needed to tell me once and I'll live my...
  11. Black Devil Dog

    Sterilock Airlock

    Just bought a couple of these from Full Pint, haven't used them yet but they look like a pretty good bit of gear especially when chilling your beer once fermentation is done. I've got blow off tubes on both my fermenters, but my set up for chilling, even though it seemed to work, it was a bit...
  12. Black Devil Dog

    Sukumaran and Chan

    So, after 10 years and many appeals, it looks as though the 2 ringleaders of the so called Bali 9, are going to finally be executed tonight, at midnight Indonesian time, 3am est. Being shot by firing squad is a pretty brutal way to meet your death and it's impossible to imagine what these...
  13. Black Devil Dog

    RIP Jim Keays

    He was from an era long past, but I'd be surprised if no one has heard any of the songs he sang with The Masters Apprentices. A highly regarded pioneer of the Australian music industry who originally hailed from Scotland (another one). I was fortunate to see him with The Masters Apprentices...
  14. Black Devil Dog

    W.A Breweries.

    My wife and I recently went over to W.A for 9 days, from Good Friday through 'til early A.M on the Sunday of ANZAC weekend. We'd never been to W.A before and we're both very impressed with much of what we experienced, but as a home brewer it was the brewery scene over there that struck me...
  15. Black Devil Dog

    Computer Operating Systems.

    I started using Microsoft with MS95 and I've been running Windows XP since it came out and have been reasonably happy with it, but now Microsoft have discontinued support for XP and I was thinking of upgrading to Windows 8. After doing a bit of online reading, it seems that Windows 8 isn't very...
  16. Black Devil Dog

    AC/DC. The greatest rock band in the world, We Salute You....

    It might be premature and hopefully it is, but if the rumours are to be believed, AC/DC may sadly, no longer crank out their trademark high voltage riffs ever again. There are reports that Malcolm Young is very ill and if that's the case, it's highly unlikely they'll go on. I'm sure AC/DC...
  17. Black Devil Dog

    Knights and Dames.

    WTF I laughed.
  18. Black Devil Dog

    Royal Commission into botched home insulation scheme.

    It takes a special kind of inept politician to rush through legislation that causes 4 people to die and 150 houses to catch fire and they don't come much more inept than Kevin Rudd. The (twice) former Prime Minister and if not the worst Prime Minister in Australia's history, then certainly the...
  19. Black Devil Dog

    What happened to flight Malaysian Airlines MH370?

    Just in case you didn't know, there's an aeroplane missing with 239 people on board. So far, it seems that nobody has a single clue as to its whereabouts. What is known is that 2 people on board had stolen passports, the pilot liked inviting hot blonde chicks to see his cock - pit, the plane...
  20. Black Devil Dog

    Access forbidden!

    Last night, about midnight, I tried to get onto AHB and this message is what I got. I've copied this one from elsewhere, but it's pretty much identical except for the small writing at the bottom. I also tried from my phone and got the same message, but when I tried from my wifes phone I...