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  1. shellnaf

    Afl Finals 2009

    I'm a pies supporter, so hopefully Collingwood for the premiers. However if Saints win thats OK, seeing as though they've only had the one (1966 over pies) and that was by only 1 point, so you gotta have a soft spot for them.
  2. shellnaf

    Afl Tipping 2009

    I think this week is gonna be one of the hardest to pick, so many close battles.
  3. shellnaf

    Nelson Sauvin Flavor

    Better? I'm over the whole unspoken thing anyways :)
  4. shellnaf

    Nelson Sauvin Flavor

    It was Ross' recipe that I did, I think I will do it again but with less hops, or add some cascade. I'm moving house so don't have the time yet, I'll be setting up for AG once the move is done. Gonna be fun moving all my stock, I'm not a big drinker but I'm a big brewer, so there's a shipload...
  5. shellnaf

    Nelson Sauvin Flavor

    The flavor is so intense. Even though I didn't like the flavor, it certainly showed me what a hop can do.
  6. shellnaf

    Nelson Sauvin Flavor

    I did a half size BIAB of the Nelson Sauvin Summer Ale, it's been in the bottle for a couple of weeks so I thought I'd try one out. It had the strongest peachy taste to it, my wife agreed and added that it definately has a stone fruit flavor to it. However after reading about this hop it says...
  7. shellnaf

    Afl Tipping 2009

    I didn't think you could lose false teeth one at a time
  8. shellnaf

    Afl Tipping 2009

    I'm a pies supporter for 35 years, but damn them.
  9. shellnaf

    Where Is Everyone

    You wake up early, ok ridiculously early, you log on to AHB and there's no one else here, there's a couple of guests but that could just be an error. There's no members at all, just me, sounds like a Stephen King novel. Am I the only brewer (loose term for me) left. edit: there seems to be a...
  10. shellnaf

    Afl Tipping 2009

    Phillip how many have we got in so far? Nathan
  11. shellnaf

    Tooth & Co Keg

    Well after all this it looks like the keg is going back, another ahb member checked it out for me and CUB would like it back, they replied with the following: Nathan
  12. shellnaf

    Well, I'm Officially An Ag'er

    Not everything went wrong, you ended up wth beer. I've done 2 mini biabs, the first didn't go too well but the second went much better. I had more fun making the ag (even with the frustrations) than making an all extract or K&B. I ended up with about 9 litres of wort and it took me half a day...
  13. shellnaf

    Rc Beer Cooler

    The ultimate in lazy
  14. shellnaf

    The Encyclopaedia Of Collingwood Jokes!

    Firstly I barrack for Collingwood but they're funny anyway. Why did the Collingwood supporter cross the road? Centrelink was on the other side How do you inflict 12 months of acute pain on a Pies supporter? Buy them a membership for Christmas! What do u say to a Collingwood...
  15. shellnaf

    Afl Tipping 2009

    I've just joined with Phillip's. Thanks for setting it up. Nathan
  16. shellnaf

    How To Brew Pdf

    Yeah I actually told him where to go a bit earlier, I hope he really goes there. That'll teach him. Edit: fair enough it was removed due to piracy and all that shite, but how come the links to torrents are still there? you know, the one about britain.
  17. shellnaf

    Fosters To Axe Jobs

    This is from the wiki about Tooth & Co who were bought out by CUB, they were having beers for breakfast pretty much. Nathan
  18. shellnaf

    Fosters To Axe Jobs

    Linky Workers are threatening to stop production of VB, Carlton Draught and Foster's. Is that such a bad thing?? Although I hope the workers get to keep their jobs. Nat
  19. shellnaf

    Storage Temperature

    I've only done ales, mostly K&B and one extract. They have all sat in the shed through the heatwave a few weeks back and they are all still fine, the temp in the shed probably got to around the mid 30's. Nathan
  20. shellnaf

    Wanted: Fridge In Werribee Area

    Thats OK, figured that going AG is more important than a fridge ATM, anyway I just thought I'd throw it out there and see what bites.
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