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    Fermenting Under Pressure

    This is what i used to determine the pressure. Thanks all for your ideas, will try 2 packets yeast next time. Will report back once it is transferred and chilled. One other thing that I thought of is that the spunding valve i used was a PITA and the pressure fluctuated between 10-20 PSI so that...
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    I will take 2 thanks
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    Fermenting Under Pressure

    I rehydrated the whole packet
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    Fermenting Under Pressure

    Im currently doing my first pressure ferment which is a 14 litre Lager fermented with Saflager W-34/70 .(picture attached). I have the fermenting corny attached to a corny that im going to have as the serving keg and that has the spunding valve attached. It has been fermenting for 7 days and...
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    Might be, how much? And will that replace the relief valve from the KegKing spunding valve? Cheers
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    Partial BIAB - noob question warning

    This is similar to what I do however I make 12L batches and use a 5L stock pot so scaled up would be about the same as you. Works great, the only issue I found to start with was working out what temp I needed the water to get the right mash temp in the esky.
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    wy2252 rasenmaher

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    wy2252 rasenmaher

    I was looking through the recipes and found a Citra Larger that used wy2252. https://aussiehomebrewer.com/threads/recipedb-citra-lager.47753/ I cant seem to find this yeast, is there an equivalent yeast with similar characteristics? Thanks Shadime
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    KegKing now at keg-king.com.au

    Where do you get them from?
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    Get into O2 guys, if you're serious about nicer beer

    For US-05 Fermentis says: 'then mix the wort using aeration or by wort addition.'
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    Fermenting Under Pressure

    Thanks for the reply, Saw one of those once I had already ordered the filter. they look great, if the filter works well then I will be happy :)
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    Fermenting Under Pressure

    Sorry if its already been asked but I bought one of these and want to know how much of the dip tube do I cut off to add this on the end. Thanks in advance
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    Session Ale Extract

    I extract brew and agree with above, with the exception that I would make the steeped grains a must, not optional. Has made a big difference to my brews
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    Shortening dip tubes

    How much do you cut off?
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    Spunding Valve

    Im in as well
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    I love beer and brewing, but..

    I have one schooner a night, more if watching football
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    Fermentation temp difference expectations

    Thanks for the replies, and sorry for hijacking the thread. I have been using 1/2 packet, might see how a whole packet goes.
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