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    LPG Burners Free

    Found these burners in my shed they would be LPG but are untested pickup from Langwarrin Free to good home send me a pm
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    Chat room

    How do you log in to the chat room ,It will not let me log in is it any good anybody use it , It used to be grouse friday nights a few years back B
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    Brewlab Yeast Best Before Date

    I have four slants of brewlab yeast english that i bought in the bulk buy a while back stored in fridge around 3c ,, The best before date is feb 2011, am i dreaming or would it be possible to do anything with these ,, If i did get a starter going would it be okay or possible problems ?? ,, Or...
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    Cornys In Melb

    I am lookin for a couple on corny kegs in melb for a crissy party in mid dec the best place to buy ,,, unlless someone from here has any to sell :blink: cheers bjay
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    Kegs On Ice

    I have a christmas party on the cards and was thinkin about taking a couple of cornys,And was just wondering can you just sit them in ice bath to cool then gas an pour or will it be a fizzer,was thinkin the tap that plugs straight on to the keg post Has anybody done this if so how was it,did it...
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    Fire Extinguisher Kegging

    I have just picked up my 5 kg extinguisher bottle for my venture into the wonderfull world of kegging The bloke had more pm if you want his phone number My regulator fitted pretty much straight on with another fitting that cost all of $3 My reg seems to work allright its from my tig welder...
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    Recipe Guidance Needed

    Just looking for a bit of advise on what i can brew with this lot (All grain) Thinkin maybe some english type stuff or wheat beer perhaps There is so many recipes an so little time to brew,,I am lookin for a recipe that has turned out good for you Here is what i have in my brew den Malts...
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