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    Turning Imperial Stout Fresh Wort Kit into milk stout

    Howdy, I have ended up with this FWK from All Inn Brewing a couple of months ago. Interestingly, it's not on their website any more - maybe discontinued now. But here's a description: "Widowed Butcher is a spectacular Russian Imperial Stout. Formidable but with real richness behind that deadly...
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    Two Bays (Gluten Free) Grain Kits

    I have used my Thermomix blender function to do several very short pulse blends to crush small (250g) amounts of grain when I was doing extract plus spec grain. Would be a slight pain on 3-5 kg but doable I guess :)
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    Picobrew Z recipe adaptation and tips?

    howdy, A gadget-orientated friend just got the Picobrew Z2 delivered, the new iteration of the zymatic. Was wondering if anyone with experience in Picobrew has any tips for recipe adaptation? I’ve read brewhouse efficiency can be around 65%, and assume boiloff rate would be minimal through...
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    Looks clever! I am a fan of simplicity though, and wonder about having to clean the various valves and chiller. I was surprised they use little tri clamps on all the hose fittings?
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    Any recommended online stores for tri-clover butterfly, sampling valves etc?

    Thanks all! I agree it's a balance of price and quality, I don't need pro-level gear but clearly it's sensible to pay for something of reasonable quality :) Will follow up the suggestions.
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    Any recommended online stores for tri-clover butterfly, sampling valves etc?

    I am thinking of pimping out my basic 14g chronical with a butterfly dump valve and a sampling valve for bottling etc. Maybe some TC barb adaptors etc for pressurised transfers. The squeeze handle butterfly valves look easier to use? Any recommended places here or direct from China? Cheers, B
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    Two Bays (Gluten Free) Grain Kits

    For the non-coeliacs, and the brave coeliac risk-takers, adding Clarity Ferm to normal barley wort with the yeast is a possible option.
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    Two Bays (Gluten Free) Grain Kits

    I exchanged some fb messages with the Brewery. They don't have capacity to mill it for homebrewers, and said in their small system they had sometimes used a blender because the grains are so fine (leading to a much finer result which is ok). I would obviously not want to run it through my...
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    Two Bays (Gluten Free) Grain Kits

    Does the grain come milled? Cheers, B
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    Any thoughts on London ESB vs S-04 for hoppy english bitter?

    I recently did Nottingham vs Windsor in a mid-strength English Bitter with lots of hops and found the hop aromas seemed very muted in the Windsor, compared to the Nottingham. My next brew will be London ESB or S-04. Any experiences or thoughts on which will bring out hops more? Second order of...
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    Unbranded 30 litre boiler / urn?

    This one looks identical to the older Turbo 500 boiler to me (30L), other than having no identifying marks on the boiler at all, assuming the T500 used to have these indented elements I haven't seen before. The tap is identical as well. The box was marked Item QU008881. As shown in the photo...
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    Unbranded 30 litre boiler / urn?

    Hi folks, The LHBS got a mysterious unbranded 30 litre boiler in, and I was gonna buy it for a steal. But it made me wonder if others have acquired unbranded boilers and what their experience has been. I'm kind of wondering whether it's going to be essentially identical to a mangrove jacks...
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    Conical Fermenter - stuck fermentation. - Dump?

    If the Guten is anything like my Robobrew v1, the temperature at the probe (next to the element in my case) will be dramatically different from the temperature inside the cooling mash (like maybe 5 degrees from memory if I have miscalculated strike temp in particular). I would stir and measure...
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    Keg Transfer Made Easy...

    I have been applying this technique to PET bottles. Just posted a musing about some questions arising over here if anyone's interested :) https://aussiehomebrewer.com/threads/bottling-from-warm-cool-keg-at-pressure-tips.99852/ Cheers, B
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    Bottling from warm/cool keg at pressure: tips?

    Hi folks, I started thinking about how to most easily bottle from a warm keg on a budget (I have no keg fridge, or beeg gun) for hopefully reasonably long-lived well-carbed non-oxidised beer, which led to me wonder a few things; particularly any improvements to how I now bottle from a keg...
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    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    The 2017 medals arrived for me today for my cobrewed entry :) glad they finally made it! Thanks to the treasurer over there for getting it done! Cheers.
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    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    So, the awards were last night? Any early results? Eg. for speciality category 18 :)
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    2018 Tasmania State Competition

    Hi! The website has reset, but there were well over a hundred entries. The results are available via the links above to the Facebook pages. And here. Some amazing beers!
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    2018 Tasmania State Competition

    Hi folks, Judging for this year's Tasmania State Competition will be held at Shambles Brewery in Hobart on 15th September: http://tshbc2018.hobartbrewers.com/ More information on entering beers or volunteering to judge/stewart is on the competition website. Great prizes are afoot! Deadline...
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