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  1. Mat B

    2020: Best commercial glass 375ml bottles for homebrew ?

    I always liked the James Squire bottles when I still bottled. Nice design and robust. Aldi sometimes sell beer called Flensburger. They have swing top bottles but are smaller than the other 500ml swing tops (330ml I think), and they look cool too.
  2. Mat B

    Brewing gear, keg fridge, bar and beer engines

    PM'd re beer engines. I only need one.
  3. Mat B

    Selling some old gear - Copper immersion chiller, font tower, drip tray, decal holders

    Yep, still available! Not sure if it would fit in the fermenter, but you could always modify it. It might fit. I usually just give it a hose down before adding to the brew. The boil sanitises it. I never put it in the fermenter. Goes into the brew pot.
  4. Mat B

    BIAB Stainless Basket

    Do you have any pics? Sounds interesting
  5. Mat B

    White Labs WLP059 Melbourne Ale yeast to be released

    How did it turn out? Thinking about firing up a starter of this myself. Haven't used it since my first attempt which ended up being too high in ABV to be enjoyable. I'll be skipping the sugar next time and just stick to malts. Read some stuff online about American guys using it for APAs etc with...
  6. Mat B

    Comment by 'Mat B' in media 'First run of new controller'

    Wobbly, what did you use for depth markings on your sight glass?
  7. Mat B

    Selling some old gear - Copper immersion chiller, font tower, drip tray, decal holders

    Copper chiller - $20 Font tower - $10 Drip tray (plastic & stainless) - $10 Decal holders - $5 for both Located in NE burbs of Melbourne.
  8. Mat B

    BIAB Stainless Basket

    Agreed. Damn you..
  9. Mat B

    BIAB Stainless Basket

    Good point about the ply, I'll look into that. I've found that bar a bit restricting, especially with the sight glass. I don't want to lower the keggle any further as I need to height for gravity filling cubes. The keggle is 360mm total diameter.
  10. Mat B

    WTB - Hot water urn

    Anyone got an urn they want to offload? I want one to have one for sparge water on my BIAB rig. I usually sparge with about 8L so a 10L capacity would be ideal. I'm in NE suburbs of Melbourne.
  11. Mat B

    BIAB Stainless Basket

    Thanks heaps for that info. I went to Bunnings and got some shelves. I must say I was disappointed with the insane price tag for the wardrobe drawers. I went to savers instead and got a set of drawers for $7. Now to keep this post relevant to the thread, I measured the opening on my keggle and...
  12. Mat B

    BIAB Stainless Basket

    Wobbly, those photos were all it took to convince me to build something similar for my electric keggle. That is an awesome setup. How did you sort out the drawers? Were they something bought off the shelf (pun intended), or did you build them from scratch? Also, is that a small pump connected to...
  13. Mat B

    Hops Rhizomes & Crowns for sale - Melb NE suburbs

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand they're gone
  14. Mat B

    Keg Brew

    What do you mean by 'keg brew'? I think you might need to elaborate on what you're specifically doing. Are these lines from the keg to tap? Sanitising them should be pretty easy to do.
  15. Mat B

    Is chill in fermenter really that bad ?

    Yep & yep. In this weather (Melbourne) I would say 24 hours is plenty. Might even get too cold.
  16. Mat B

    Hops Rhizomes & Crowns for sale - Melb NE suburbs

    Yes I do. Still got 2 Cascade crowns and the mystery/unknown crown. PM me if you want to come grab them.
  17. Mat B

    Keg carbonation

    Yeah fair enough. Might take a little bit longer at that temp, but sounds like that's not an issue. You might already be all over it, but this is the calculator I used for balancing my kegs. Worked a treat for me. I was foaming all over the place before using this...
  18. Mat B

    Keg carbonation

    I keep mine on 24/7. Less effort, same amount of gas being absorbed. As long as you're keeping the beer under constant 12psi pressure and the beer is cold, it will eventually carb to 12psi. I do 12psi for my carbing and serving pressure. It usually takes a week to get to the right pressure. It's...
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