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  1. mtb

    Wall Mounting Micromatic Regulators

    I can't for the life of me find any suppliers in Oz or eBay to purchase a wall bracket for the Micromatic Regulator. I want to mount three of the regs in series on the side of my fridge. These brackets look like the way to go.. anyone know where I can find them without paying exorbitant...
  2. mtb

    Installing shelves in a commercial fridge

    So the new fridge is a go'er, runs well, just gave it some TLC. One problem though - it didn't come with shelves, the previous owner used it to store carcasses in (not that you can tell). There are clip things on the sides, so one option is to grab some steel grating and have it cut to size to...
  3. mtb

    KegKing now at keg-king.com.au

    Received an email from keg-king.com.au advising that their domain name has changed. Surely enough, kegking.com.au no longer reaches their website. The fact that a redirect from kegking.com.au to their new URL doesn't exist tells me they probably forgot to renew their domain name and someone...
  4. mtb

    Help me identify this beer dispensing unit

    Anyone know more about it? Google searches turn up very little useful info. If it's a decent buy for $100 - $200 I'll grab it, looks like a good option for my new outdoor bar.
  5. mtb

    Raspberry Sour advice - keg or secondary ferment?

    So I got a bit sour-heavy over the past few months and put down a double batch of 50/50 Pilsener and Wheat malt. Hit my target OG of 1.042, boiled, lacto kettle soured, pH of 3.2 after 72hrs and almost sour enough to vaporise my tooth enamel. Boiled again to kill lacto. Happy days. In one...
  6. mtb

    Does anyone boil for > 90min?

    My go-to boil length is 90min for any beer. Ensures no DMS in lighter pils-base beers, and I apply it to ales for the Maillard reactions / darker hues / sexy ruby tones / ease of adapting my Beersmith equipment profile. Such sexy, sexy ruby tones. Then there was that one beer. The one I made...
  7. mtb

    Brew Blog - ibrewweirdshit

    I fancy a good read and stumbled upon this blog - https://ibrewweirdshit.wordpress.com/ No affiliation, I just like it. Better read than Brulosophy...
  8. mtb

    How long should six kegs take to chill?

    Six full room temperature kegs were placed inside a sweet new keezer, ambient room temp at the moment is ~24C. Is it of any concern if it's been running for 36hrs and temp has reached only 13C? The measurement probe is immersed in a 4L keg full of water. The compressor is running constantly and...
  9. mtb

    Newsflash, Sydney man buys crappy brewery and shed and makes the news

    ..without his wife's permission. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/sydney-man-builds-brewery-in-his-back-yard-without-his-wifes-permission/news-story/1134689c72461b5d1cc6ead7841a6c32 One has to assume he told the wife he'd be able to sell his beer commercially. I wonder if he's run...
  10. mtb

    Are Cherries Fermentable?

    Just dumped a kilo into the FV for a Kriek and am interested to know - is it fermentable, and to what extent? Beersmith considers it a flavour addition so it doesn't factor in increased gravity for it.
  11. mtb

    Second-Hand Grain Mill EOIs

    With the grain mill bulk buy underway, and 50+ brewers getting a new mill soon, we're going to see second-hand mills up for grabs and I reckon there'll be enough to warrant its own bulk-buy-esque tracking thread. Everybody deserves an equal opportunity to grab the upcoming bargains and a thread...
  12. mtb

    Souring w/ Lactobacillus Plantarum from Probiotic Pills

    I'm planning some fairly "exotic" experiments with sour beers and the cost of Lactobacillus cultures from brewing suppliers is a bit prohibitive considering I assume I will bugger up every second batch with my experimentation. I came across an article on the use of probiotic capsules for...
  13. mtb

    Hop Oil Calculator

    Has anyone tried tailoring their hop schedules according to the contributions of the various oils to achieve a particular aroma/flavour profile, rather than just the producer's hop descriptors (ie woody, earthy, piney, floral, citrus)? Is there a particular advantage one way or the other? A...
  14. mtb

    Stalled IPA

    I put down a double batch of Zombie Dust on the 20th. 22L into each kegmenter, pitched a smacked & inflated pack of Denny's Favorite 50 into each. Oxygenated for 1min and set to 18C. All my usual practice. One difference in this batch was the dry hop addition; I added it two days into...
  15. mtb

    Commercial Fridge: Yes or No?

    I've managed to haggle down a Schweppes commercial fridge to a comfortable $650; The main reasons for me intending to purchase it are; - I need the extra keg storage, since I intend on having 6 kegs on tap at any given point in time, - I assume two separate fridges of similar combined...
  16. mtb

    Helles krausen has a sort of top-deck thing going on

    Pictured below is a batch of Helles fermenting using Wyeast 2124 (Bohemian Lager). I committed a cardinal sin and peeled back the cling wrap so I could get a better shot. The side of the fermenter where krausen is brown, is resting against a kegmenter containing the same batch. Is it a...
  17. mtb

    Binary Beer "smart" kegs

    Our mate @megabyte in the news? Or is it another Michael Burton? http://www.afr.com/technology/iaccelerate-startup-binary-beers-smart-kegs-tell-brewers-when-beer-is-stale-20170808-gxry5v Great innovation in any case, poor storage will ruin an otherwise great beer. Explains why this Kosciuszko...
  18. mtb

    Sodastream getting into "home brewing"

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4705348/Sodastream-fizz-home-brew.html I wasn't overly opposed to the idea, each to their own.. But then the article ended with this super wanky statement that takes a jab at actual home brewing; ‘It’s a lot quicker and easier and of a higher-quality...
  19. mtb

    Karni Kolsch

    I'm not even sure it should be called a beer, let alone a Kolsch, this just tasted like fairy floss. But it was kinda tasty.
  20. mtb

    Need info: Kleer Kube Electronic Carbonator & Ice Bank Control

    I cannot find a single bit of info about this unit online, anybody know if they're any good? Someone's selling one in my area and I want to buy it if it does what I think it does (chill room-temp beer so I can rid myself of the keg fridges)
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