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    Wanted: Male hop rhizomes

    Hi, I'm looking a male hop rhizomes to start a breeding program to go alongside the commercial hop yard we have started. I got one some years ago but a combination of neglect for various reasons, children and dogs resulted in it not surviving. I was not in a position at the time to use it but...
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    BAD still active?

    Hi. I've recently moved to Bendigo and was hoping to catch up with some like minded Brewers in the area. There hasn't been too much activity on the forum. Having 2 young kids myself I know how difficult it is to devote time to organising these things but was hoping there was still something...
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    Vicbrew 2012

    Thanks to all the judges, stewards and organisers. Great to see so many entries, and a lots of good score. Stoked to get 1st in the low alcohol, wasn't expecting that. Getting second last in the same category with a Scottish 70/- that placed second in Brown Ale last year was pretty...
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    Inner City Melbourne Brew Club

    Hi, Got a few reply's to this post but not much actual interest in a new club Anyone interested in a casual meeting with the view to starting a club? I'm in Thornbury and my brother in law is local as well.
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    Inner City Melbourne Brew Club

    Those interest should PM me and i'll start a mail list to organise something once we have a few.
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    My understanding is ICB is invite only as they want go keep the club small. I'm look to maybe start a club. Search for "melbourne inner city brew club" on this forum to find thread.
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    Inner City Melbourne Brew Club

    Thanks for the replies all. The one draw back with having to drive to any club is it limits the amount of beer I can drink. Keeping it close to home I can ride or PT.
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    Inner City Melbourne Brew Club

    Hi All, Asking for Expressions of Interest in starting a Home Brew Club in the inner (northern) suburbs of Melbourne. I'm based in Thornbury. Looking for other brewers in the area to get together to enjoy some beers over a boil kettle or at a good beer venue. I'm a BIAB brewer myself, but...
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    2012 Nowra Show Home Brew Comp

    Are you taking interstate/non-local entries? Always looking for impartial assessment of my brews.
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    2012 Tanunda Show Homebrew Competition

    Excellent. I'll be in again this year. Hopefully match my 1st from last year. Only one beer on offer though; Scottish 70/- that I'm brewing for my wedding reception!
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    2011 Tanunda Show Homebrew Competition

    Hi Luka, thanks for the results. Stoked I got my first placings in a comp: 1st Berliner Weisse and 2nd Scottish Light Ale! Can't wait to get the score sheets back for the feedback.
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    Bittering Hops For English Ales

    Hi Steve. Fuller's use target as their bittering hop for their ESB and London Pride (CYBI espisode in 2010).
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    2011 Tanunda Show Homebrew Competition

    I'm in Melbourne. Does anyone have experience posting beers to comp? Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Interest In A Scotch Ale Competition At Geelong Highland Gathering?

    Just got my first 60/- in the keg so I'd be keen to enter. Should be getting pretty good by march!
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    2011 Tanunda Show Homebrew Competition

    Hi Luke. Is this comp open to anyone and are there any restrictions on the number of entries. Keen to get feedback on my brews.