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  1. shacked

    Equipment For Sale FS: SSBREWTECH 7 Gallon/27 Litre Conical x2

    Hey mate, I'll drop you a PM. My folks are in Oatley so just around the corner.
  2. shacked

    NoChill again..

    As a general rule of thumb, you subtract 15 mins from your schedule. So hops that go in at 15m when you are chilling you add at 0 mins. Anything <15 mins you can either add into the cube and transfer your wort over to the cube after (say) a 20 min hot whirlpool [which is what I do] or you...
  3. shacked

    Mexican cerveza

    It's all good mate. You can [pretty much] never have too much yeast - especially with lagers!!
  4. shacked

    Mexican cerveza

    Can I suggest that you will need both packs for a lager fermented at 10C. Cold ferments need more yeast. Get your ferment going at 10C and then when you're about 75% done let the temp free rise to 16-18C (maybe day 8 - 10 but let your hydrometer be the judge). This will assist with the clean...
  5. shacked

    What is a good substitute for Dingemans Pilsner malt?

    I called the brew shop today and they said they've been out of stock of castle pilsner since March last year. First there were supply constraints due to global shipping grinding to a halt and now prices have spiked to the point where considerable retail price increases would be required...
  6. shacked

    What is a good substitute for Dingemans Pilsner malt?

    +1 for Castle Pilsner. I believe The Brew Shop in Sydney import it, so if you can get your hands on it would be the pick of the others.
  7. shacked

    Vienna, Munich or MO as a general base?

    I like brewing with Voyager Vienna as a base malt (well all of the voyager malts) but can I suggest that you try brewing a couple of low hop rate beers with 100% vienna and 100% munich with a clean yeast? That way you'll get a first hand understanding of what the malt brings to the beer and you...
  8. shacked

    Free to a good home - Brisbane - All grain brewing setup.

    Not wanting to get in the middle of this trade but have you considered brewing ultra-low gravity beer? Have a look at Brewdog Nanny State, it's less than 0.5% ABV and still tastes like beer. @contrarian has been brewing some sensational <0.25% lagers and pale ales. I'll let him fill you in on...
  9. shacked

    Is there any place in NSW that sells new 50 L commercial kegs (empty) ?

    Kegland do them: Keg king do 30L ones...
  10. shacked

    Can my bitter batch be saved?

    If you keg it, consider brewing a beer that is less bitter (or no hops) and blend it. You can get pretty creative on the types of beer you blend. Blending is fun. I've got a cellar with a few hundred litres in various vessels of sours of up to 3 years old and blending is a critical part of...
  11. shacked

    Putin Powered RIS (Brew day from hell)

    This will be the best RIS you've ever made... because it's going to be nigh on impossible to replicate!
  12. shacked

    Fermenting out big beers

    I've done a couple of huge beers and I'd suggest that the approach to big beers is pretty similar to 'regular' beers: Sanitation. Select the right strain of yeast for the job (WLP099 claims a max ABV of 25%) Pitch enough yeast (if you think you have enough for the job... get more) Good yeast...
  13. shacked

    My malting procedure

    This is awesome. Looking forward to the rest of the process!!
  14. shacked

    Recipe for Trump Lager

    I had the pleasure of sampling this beer. Delicious... even if it was a little bitter
  15. shacked

    Wyeast Brewman Pre-orders

    Ordered Sunday night (late), delivered first thing on Tuesday morning - yeast refridgerator cold. Unreal service; thanks Brewman!!
  16. shacked

    Wyeast Brewman Pre-orders

    Sweet as Steve! I'll sort it out over the weekend with some hops and other bits and pieces
  17. shacked

    IPA final gravity 1.001?

    With respect, this is unlikely. Underpitching can cause underattenuation but overpitching doesn't cause overattenuation.
  18. shacked

    IPA final gravity 1.001?

    Are you washing your yeast or repitching slurry? If you are washing, I'd suggest the risk of infection, cell damage and/or mutation is not worth it. Repitching from one batch to another is less risky but still not without risk. Having said all that, I'll generally go 2 or 3 generations with...
  19. shacked

    IPA final gravity 1.001?

    I'd suggest that there are all kinda of yeasts and bacteria that could cause an infection and over attenuation - pediococcus, sure but it's only one of many. Could also be a wild saccharomyces (probably more likely given the timeframe) or a brett strain, alcohol tolerant lacto or even something...
  20. shacked

    IPA final gravity 1.001?

    The Belgian ale yeast from MJ is a bit of a beast so your reading might be correct. Here are my thoughts: Check the accuracy of your hydrometer. What does it read in plain water for example (3 or 4 points off and you'd be at the 90% attenuation level which is not too crazy for the yeast...