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  1. 2016 Hop Plantation, Cascade

    2016 Hop Plantation, Cascade

  2. maxim0200

    Kegging Setups

    Get one as big as you can get past SWMBO, I got an aldi chest freezer with the intent of one maybe 2 kegs but I ended up having to buy 9.5l kegs so I could fit more. PS soda water on tap is bloody great!
  3. maxim0200

    2016 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    First year cascade poking their heads up finally. Also just installed a soaker hose in the pot on a timer.
  4. maxim0200

    2016 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    My first hop plants, just planted. They are cascade from diggers.
  5. maxim0200

    Kegging Setups

    Very nice! Its a classic setup but you just can't beat it! Also Floryte FTW!
  6. maxim0200

    Burn Yourself Less, Use Welding Gloves

    So every extract brew I do I never learn that the can of group I've heated in water on the stove is HOT! I always try to pick it up with what seems to be the thinnest bloody tea towle in existence and I burn myself and/or make a sticky mess. Anyway I bad a brainwave why not use welding...
  7. maxim0200

    So I dropped a screwdriver. In a full keg.

    Mmmm minty beer! Lol Drink her dry mate.
  8. maxim0200

    C02 Cylinder Question

    Another option is speed gas, $280 for the cylinder+40$ fill. That is a D size cylinder. Prices are from welding supplies here in Syd.
  9. maxim0200

    EOI - 45Kg LPG Bottles (Melb ONLY)

    To anyone who goes ahead with this, you could eaisly also fill your in date camping LPG bottles with this cylinder. Just turn it upside down. Buy the correct hoze with the safety features and Do it at your own risk though, the correct procedure can be found in the standards.
  10. maxim0200

    EOI - 45Kg LPG Bottles (Melb ONLY)

    Another great deal but again its in Vic.... :(
  11. maxim0200

    Swamp cooler and Temperature control

    In summer I sccuessfully use a STC with a damp/wet towle and a fan connected to the STC pointing at the fermenter. I have kept it at 18DegC for pale ales but I never tried to go cooler. You could easily just use the STC as a temp gauge with nothing plugged/wired in. I have used both a...
  12. maxim0200

    Portion Control How Long Can Your Make Your Corny Keg Last ?

    Current 19L keg I'm 3 months in with approx 5L left. I offer beer to mates and I've never had anyone take up the offer.... My speed record would be 5min at a party with a 9l Keg.
  13. maxim0200

    Liquid in micromatic regulator

    Sort of similar but instead of undoing 2x screws you unscrew the whole housing.
  14. maxim0200

    Liquid in micromatic regulator

    Beer should be fine. Regulator requires cleaning: (Disclaimer do this at your own risk) 1 Mount it to your co2 cylinder (turn it OFF!) Or vice. 2 wind the pressure all the way back and ensure all the co2 is drained. 3 using a big nutrounder (shifter) unscrew the front section of the regulator...
  15. maxim0200

    Brewer Wanted - Lithgow Zig Zag Brewery

    Just found this on the district Gumtree search: (I have no affiliation) " Looking for experienced craft brewer to help establish recipes and build upon our current pilot brewery and packaging system. All...
  16. maxim0200

    Kegging Setups

    this saying comes to mind: "for the welder i ant, a grinder sure does make!"
  17. maxim0200

    1.6kg + 2.6Kg Luxfer Aluminium CO2 Cylinder

    I have a 6KG steel kk cylinder and have never paid Bloody Overpriced Cylinders a cent for gas. Ditch em! The same seller sells Kk cylinders cheap. They are heavy though
  18. maxim0200

    Kegging Setups

    My guess is you would be correct, t should be fine. There are people who use fire extinguishers without inverting them with no issues. But then again I wouldn't want to find out if the diaphragm+valve froze open and 800PSI of co2 come spurting out.
  19. maxim0200

    Kegging Setups

    Mate I'd be checking up on your physics, in short this video shows you what the inside of all your CO2 tanks looks like: A close look at supercritical carbon dioxide CO2: In long when you compress co2 to super high pressures it turns to a liquid. Pick you cylinder up...
  20. maxim0200

    Kegging Setups

    Personally I wouldn't do it as you may get liquid CO2 in your regulator. CO2 is very similar to LPG, they are stored as a liquid under pressure (co2 is under ALLOT more pressure though). when you pickup a BBQ bottle you can feel it sloshing around it inside the co2 dose the same, this is also...