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  1. J

    Dan Murphy Special

    Also still available from Bridge Road Brewers direct for $24.00 (plus postage). That's how I got my pack. Check out its website.
  2. J

    ******* Children of the British Empire

    About a week ago I read about the special 6 pack 4 Pines Brewery released which it has called the ******* Children of the British Empire, or 4 Pine's version of the history of pale ales. After a fair bit of hunting around I finally found some at Warners at the Bay, which seemed to have plenty...
  3. J

    Newcastle CBD gets a venue with on-site brewery

    Ex Murray's Brewer Shawn Sherlock is opening an onsite brewhouse in Newcastle called Foghorn in mid-April. See Newcastle Herald link: Looking forward to this!
  4. J

    Melbourne Trip

    A mate and I were in Melbourne for 10 days recently for the Melbourne Cup Carnival. In between having a shocking time on the punt, we spent a cold and wet Friday at St Kilda. After having a beer at the Esplanade Hotel (just so we could say we had a drink at the place where RockWiz is filmed), we...
  5. J

    Six String Brewery - Opening December 2012

    Recently read about Six String Brewery, a boutique brewery which is supposed to open at Erina on the NSW Central Coast in December. Not sure yet what sort of beer they will be brewing, but apparently they will be running a home brew club and hold workshops where you will be able to brew beer to...
  6. J

    New Mad Brewers Offering

    From the James Squires website: Hot on the heels of our challenging summer release Hoppy Hefe comes our Mad Brewers winter offering Ginger Chops Alcoholic Ginger Ale. Have these guys gone truly batty? I hear you say. Well, let me assure you our Mad Brewers are not into following the current...
  7. J

    New Little Creatures Single Batch

    From the Little Creatures website: Winter conjures up all kinds of amazing imagery... hiding from the cold reality of the outdoors, nestled into a great big couch in front of the fireplace with a beer that warms you up from the inside out... With the winter solstice approaching, our flavour...
  8. J

    Coopers Celebration Ale

    For anyone in the Newcastle area, the Bottlo bottleshop near the Albion Hotel at Wickham has this in stock. Just picked some up to try tonight!
  9. J

    Little Creatures Next Single Batch

    Attached here is a flyer about the LC Oatmeal Stout.
  10. J

    "brewer For A Day" Breweries?

    Hi, The Beer Factory ( and The Beer Shed ( in the west and south-west of Sydney are not actual breweries but have on-site brewing facilities. Cheers.
  11. J

    Murray's Heart Of Darkness

    Something to look forward to from Murray's... 'Step into the darkside if you dare. If you thought Murray's Dark Knight was good - you aint seen nothing yet! Get ready for Murray's Heart of Darkness. Think Hannibal Lector, Freddy Kruger and beyond. This is a scary, scary beer in a crazy kind of...
  12. J

    Hop Harvest 2010

    Cascade First Harvest has been out since early May. The hops from this year's brew are from Derwent Valley's Bushy Park Estate in Tasmania. The beer pours a clear copper colour with a thick creamy head and with very few bubbles. It has a fairly milld smell with lots of piney hops and something...
  13. J

    James Squires Malt Runner

    Got the following email earlier this week from James Squires, (as Im sure a lot of others here have got the same); Yes folks, winter is just about on our doorstep once more and that means its time for our James Squire winter limited release to hit the market. Over recent years we have treated...
  14. J

    Beer Book

    Hi there, I have just come across a book called 'Beer - A Gauge for Enthusiasts' by Greg Powell. It was published in 2008 but I only recently saw it for the first time in the shop. Greg gave himself the tough job of tasting about 150 mainly Australian beers, with a few overseas ones thrown in...