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  1. Phoney

    keezer vs kegerator (home made)

    Not if you build a collar on a chest freezer.
  2. Phoney

    Crown urn heater burning/scorching

    Happens to me quite regularly. It doesn't affect the beer so I don't worry about it too much. A green scourer pad and some napisan gets it off - with a bit of elbow grease.
  3. Phoney

    Aldi specials

    Medusa Ruby Red Ale is like an Irish red ale. 5.0% ABV Dark copper in colour. Light-medium body heavy toffee on the nose. 4/5. Pedigree Amber Ale 4.5% Light amber in colour Nothing to speak about really. 2/5
  4. Phoney

    Aldi specials

    Aldi now sell craft beer! At $4 for 500mL bottles, the price is right. Lets see how they fare. Circadian IPA. Product of the UK 4.5% ABV I'm guessing 35-40 IBU Medium hop aroma It's more like an APA really, but certainly quaffable. 3/5. Would buy again. Coming up next. Medusa Ruby Red...
  5. Phoney

    Stout additions

    Grab another tin of coopers stout, add in your kilo of Dex, your kilo of malt, and use a good packet of yeast like Safale US-04. It will be about 8-9% but great for winter. Lactose is non-fermentable so it will make it sweeter and slightly creamier. Not familiar with your essenses and...
  6. Phoney

    What are you Brewing - 2018

    That seems like a LOT of lactose for an IPA. I get that you might want something to counteract the tartness of the raspberries but to me it seems OTT (unless you're a sweet tooth?). You might want to consider adding it into the keg, bit by bit, since it's not ferment-able anyway.
  7. Phoney

    Vinegar flies

    I always find them either in my drip tray or in empty glasses that have beer or wine skerricks in the bottom. You can build a trap using a 1.25L PET bottle and a splash of beer to catch the lil bastards. I probably should get around to doing that one day. They're bad here over summer!
  8. Phoney

    What are you Brewing - 2018

    I realised I've got a lot of 2014-2016 hops in the freezer that need to be used up and its been a while since I've brewed a DIPA. 6kg Gladfield Ale 270g Carapils 270g Dark Crystal 340g Sugaz 50g CTZ @60 (these are at least fresh) 20g Cascade (circa 2013) @ 15 30g Mosaic @ cube hop 30g Citra @...
  9. Phoney

    Damn Good Stout recipes

    Maybe this deserves its own thread...but. Has anyone here brewed an oyster stout? I've looked at a dozen recipes and read a few threads on HBT. There doesn't seem to be a consensus on the best method. I'm thinking of chucking in a dozen oysters (Sydney rock or Pacific?) into the last 15...
  10. Phoney

    AG setup for sale Sydney

    Will you separate? I would only be interested in the mash tun.
  11. Phoney

    Anyone still making peanut butter beers?

    I had a peanut butter stout in Cali last year. It was delicious!
  12. Phoney

    Did this forum change categories? (META)

    Also am I dreaming, or was there a sub forum called "The Pub"? If so, when did it go and why? I thought it was most appropriate for beer/brewing related banter that doesnt belong in off topic.
  13. Phoney

    Bullant Brewery and Restaurant - For sale

    Good looking setup here in Gippsland Vic. I would imagine the price would be potentially several million. Anyone know anything about the brewery itself? I jokingly sent it to SWMBO and her response was "Lets do it!" :eek: - I wasnt expecting that.. If only it was in northern NSW or SE QLD I...
  14. Phoney

    RADFEST - Bald Faced Stag

    Hmm according to Google Maps this is only 2.2 kilometres from my house and according to my calendar I am free that weekend. That makes this thing do-able. At this stage I'm a maybe.
  15. Phoney

    Ebay, Gumtree and FB Marketplace

    2 x corny's, what looks like a 6kg c02 bottle and reg - $250 neg (Newtown, Sydney) I'd jump on it if I didnt already have 2 c02 bottles.
  16. Phoney


    Creek water? It's more like dirty puddle water. Tasty, tasty puddle water.
  17. Phoney


    Quick question; Do you guys use biofine in yeast forward beers such as Saisons and Hefes or will that drop out all of the desired flavours? What about New England IPA’s that are supposed to be cloudy?
  18. Phoney

    Thyme in a beer?

    I would add it in late in the boil. Maybe a whole bunch. I've used Thai basil (fresh, soaked in vodka) and it's an awesome addition, can't imagine why thyme wouldnt complement well. Lemon thyme could work too now that I think about it.
  19. Phoney

    Get into O2 guys, if you're serious about nicer beer

    I read that as meaning that the power drill he was using didn't get hot to touch. While I agree that sucking in the surrounding air could inject foreign bacteria, I used a stick blender for years before investing in an O2 kit and never once had an issue.