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    Nsw Mid North Coast Recommendations - To Live

    Bribie G The Camden Haven is the pick of the area, have been holidaying there for the last 35 years and would love to live there. North Haven is my pick but that is just because I have holidayed there most of my life, Dunbogan is also a nice area. Anywhere on the mid north coast has its...
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    Let The Missus Buy The Hardware?

    Looking at EBAY, there is a similar machine for $1000, you got a very good deal there
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    Beer Fonts For Sale

    If anyone is interested in these let me know or I will put them on Ebay on the next few days. Cheers Michael
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    Beer Fonts For Sale

    I have two beer fonts for sale. One is a single tap and the other a two tap font, both of these are not flooded. I have not used either of these fonts, however I have renewed with 2 metres of beer line and stripped both of these down, all looks to be in working order. First font is a black...
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    Mac's Sassy Red Beer

    I always recommend Macs Sassy Red to friends travelling to New Zealand. I think it is a very nice beer along with the other beers in their range. At $2 per bottle it is the same price as some run of the mill Aussie beers and it is a much better drop. Enjoy. Captainbrewer
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    Cerny Pivo

    The Cerny Pivo is a great drop and as you like a darker beer give the double choc stout a go, very very tasty beers. I know they can be considered expensive but they are a very handy alternative. enjoy
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    New Mercurios Menu

    Merc The first episode was great, the pork looked great and the saltbush lamb would have been tasty. I am looking forward to the rest of the episodes. Well Done
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    Stainless Gear For Sale

    I know that the mash tun and the keggle are gone, I got the keggle and I dropped off the mash tun to someone in Sydney who has advertised this for sale again the other month
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    Drum Spanner

    Got one from my LHBS thrown in with some fresh wort kits, he sells them for about $5. ULTIMATE HOMEBREW SHOP GOSFORD - no affiliate
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    Chrome Font With Three Andale Taps For Sale

    This is still available if anyone is interested
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    Wtb : Snaplock / Fatlocks

    Ross at Craftbrewer (Site Sponsor) sells them, or you could try Andale at Kariong/Somersby NSW
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    Chrome Font With Three Andale Taps For Sale

    Hey Fents I wasnt having a shot. I was actually trying to reply to one of the comments above yours regarding the snplocks and grabbed your comments int he reply field. I did not realise that there would be a bit of interest in the font. It is hard to judge how they go. I guess it is all...
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    Chrome Font With Three Andale Taps For Sale

    Taps, snaplocks, font and decal are all included.
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    Chrome Font With Three Andale Taps For Sale

    I am selling my three tap font as I am wanting to buy some AG gear in the New Year. For sale is one T Shape 3 tap non flooded font. I have put in new lines to the font. Included are three Andale Floryte taps with black ceramic handles and near new Fat Lok adaptors. The font also comes with a...
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    Moving House With Kegs

    Every Christmas I take kegs away with me that have been carbonated and then stay at room temperature until time to go in the fridge, once chilled again all is well, from experience you should not have any problems with the kegs. Cheers Captainbrewer
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    Kiwi Beers

    I like the MACS Sassy Red when in NZ, very nice drop.
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    18 Gal Keg

    Hi Just a quick question about this style of keg, I have seen some of these for sale without the screw in bung in the side, can you still get these bungs as I am keen on converting one of these to boil in etc. Cheers C.B.
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    St. Peter's Fwk

    I have brewed all the beers in the St Peters range several times and find them very worthwhile and easy to brew for a great beer, you wont be disappointed.
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    Macs Sassy Red

    KHB I have no idea of recipes but this is one of the best beers I enjoy when tripping around NZ, very nice drop. Good luck with the recipe hunt I will be keeping an eye out in interest. For a commercial beer, MACS have some tasty drops. CaptainBrewer