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  1. Dazzling

    Using A Herms

    Great stuff guys, you make a good point asher, might tinker with the setup to see if I can gravity feed from the mash tun to the kettle to avoid buying a second pump. Cheers Dazzling :beer:
  2. Dazzling

    Using A Herms

    Finally constructed my HERMS having used a bucket to bucket fly sparge for the last 12 months and just wanting to confirm that my understanding of the process is correct, that is that I would follow the same as normal batch sparging procedures except for the obvious recirculation thru the heat...
  3. Dazzling

    Beer Labels And Logos

    Yeah i think i may have borrowed some words from others labels.....cheers for that ;)
  4. Dazzling

    Beer Labels And Logos

    Finally got the design finished in inkscape, hope it posts...... :D
  5. Dazzling

    Beer Labels And Logos

    Anyone out there using inkscape that can help me with creating a banner type shape not unlike those seen in other peoples designs. Any help would be great, one saved to file and emailed would be perfect... :beer: Cheers Dazzling
  6. Dazzling

    Polysulfone Qc's

    Yeah like Justin mentioned, their check-out system does not have a UPS option, but if you send them and email before you order the parts enquiring about using UPS then they will reply and tell you that they do in fact use them. Then when ordering the parts there is a special instructions spot to...
  7. Dazzling

    Polysulfone Qc's

    Santa got me some of these for xmas, I was very happy. I did a small amount of investigating and it worked out a fair bit cheaper to order the parts from More beer than to get to order them thru the Australian distributor and that included shipping costs. But maybe you should look into US...
  8. Dazzling

    Fruit Beer

    Just stumbled across this thread which is weird, i knocked up a pale ale on saturday and have purchased 2kg of blueberries for the secondary fermenter. My first real experimental batch, looking forward to the results :beer: cheerio dazzling
  9. Dazzling

    Vanilla Pale Ale Recipe

    Yeah the only real thing I can find is Doc's vanilla bourbon porter. Will have a look on morebeer and beer tools and see what comes up. Cheers Dazzling :)
  10. Dazzling

    Vanilla Pale Ale Recipe

    I already have my own idea of how to do this but was just interested to get some other opinions. What I want to do is to create a pale ale, not unlike jayses skunkfart recipes, but instead of loading up the cascade hops for that "little creatures" taste, i wanted to get a vanilla aroma and...
  11. Dazzling

    Herms System

    Setting up a second dedicated heat exchanger vessel sounds good, the only trouble it will give me is that I have an electric element powering the HLT, to have another electrically powered heat exchanger I am going to need a big extension cord so I don't trip the circuit breaker :blink: A small...
  12. Dazzling

    Herms System

    G'day Mongo, I'm a bit of a newbie as well and also in the process of setting up a herms system. If you search for "herms" in the forum you will find a lot of useful info and opinions. As for the pump, i picked myself up a march pump, these are pretty much the go to pump from what i have found...
  13. Dazzling

    Silicon Hose

    G'day all, I have recently made the big plunge and purchased a march pump :D now I am in need of hose and connections to pump from vessel to vessel. As you could have deciphered from the post title I am interested in what people are using as hose and is expensive silicon hose necessary? Grain...
  14. Dazzling

    My New Brewstand

    Well here's my 2c and entry for the dodgiest brewstand.... ;)
  15. Dazzling

    Pitching Yeast Into A Lager

    G'day all, I have made my first pilsner/lager over the weekend and have pitched a 2L starter of yeast straight off the stir plate last night. I pitched the starter into the wort which was already sitting on 10-12 degrees. Is this the right procedure or is it best to pitch at a higher...
  16. Dazzling

    My New Brew Stand

    They are some nice looking stands blokes!! Warren, where did you get the slotted angle from, looks similar to the gear sold at Bunnings but if you know of a cheaper dealer I'd love to have that info.... :) Dazzling
  17. Dazzling

    Adding Yeast When Priming?

    cheers kai had some good fortune last week as well when a mates dad decided to clear out his garage including all his old home brew bottles.....40 grolsch swing tops later I'm quite a happy bloke :super: Dazzling......
  18. Dazzling

    Adding Yeast When Priming?

    G'day all, my oatmeal stout will have been in secondary for 3 weeks this friday. I transferred to secondary after 4 days when it had slowed to around 2-3 bubbles per minute. After transferring there wasn't any bubbling action so to speak and I am wondering whether I should add some more yeast...
  19. Dazzling

    %$^@(!* First Stuck Sparge

    I don't feel so bad now, my sparge also got clogged a number of time making my oatmeal stout on the weekend. I put it down to a low grain to water ratio and the any case it's a good excuse to buy a big esky/cooler :D Dazzling.....
  20. Dazzling

    Using An Esky As A Mash Tun

    Thanks for the help guys. One thing that I am wondering from your replies and my own research, is why are the round coolers so much more expensive than rectangular ones? Don't want to fork out the big bucks if a cheap rectangular one will do just as good job. Do the round coolers contain...