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    Alternative sanitisers

    Hi all. I can't comment on keg sanitation, but have been bottling for 40+ years. Used the local (English) brew shops recommended sodium metabisulphide for a year or so then (1970s), after a lot of unpleasant aftertaste and on a friends recommendation I switched to a good hot bottle rinse after...
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    Does beer get better with age?

    In my many years brewing experience I'd say it depends on the beer. My very general take is the heavier a beer the longer it will take to improve. For me lighter ales and pilsners about 3 months in the bottle and heavier stouts and porters about 6 months. Please note, this is based on the couple...
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    Rain Water Ph 4.7

    Well I've recently moved to Brisbane and the tap water is excellent by comparison to elsewhere. My take is if it tastes ok then brew with it as it is treated to kill organisms detrimental to brewing. My council water in Wynnum is around 6.5 pH, maybe I'm lucky. I once live in Adelaide, now...
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    New Member, Old Brewer

    Hi All, moved up to the Sunshine State from freezing Tassie last year and still adjusting my home brews accordingly. Mostly far less time in the primary, and no heat pad - all Brissie winter yeah! Also for some reason I need far less sugar/bottle for secondary and Morgan's carbonation drops are...
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    Half The Amount Of Carbonation Drops

    Often new brewers bottle when primary fermentation lock has stopped bubbling. The key is to know how long to leave for optimal result. My usual for a standard 5.5% brew is leave 10 days to 2 weeks after fermentation lock has stopped bubbling and FG is stable, usually around 1.015. Even then I...