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    Dry yeast state of play?

    Options for dried yeast have definitely improved. I use verdant for hazies and am pretty happy with the results. I still use liquid yeast for belgians
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    What software is the go for All Grain Recipes?

    Brewfather is great. BeerSmith also very functional - haven’t used for a while but it used to be pretty clunky with a very dated interface.
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    Flip Top Bottles

    I had some with this issue. Tightened the seal by squeezing the mechanism together where the two wires meet which largely solved it
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    suggest for hops in a NZ Pale ale!

    Looks delicious. If it was me I’d skip the 15min addition, bitter with something high alpha and up the dry hop a little. But I’m sure it will be a great beer regardless.
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    DIY Cold Crash Protector

    This is what I do with an old school HDPE fermenter - has disconnect in place of the airlock grommet. I usually do a gentle crash and top up with co2 every now and then.
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    New to brewing will this recipe turn out right?

    It will beer, but could be stressful and you might be disappointed with the results. Packaging may be difficult and could easily result in oxidised beer that you’ll probably not enjoy drinking. Go for it if you want, but you could consider a hazy pale with a lighter hop load and simpler grain...
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    Hydrom Electronic Hydrometer

    It’s possible that someone would join the forum and be madly in love with a single provider of home brew gear, but that would also be kind of weird… I’m sure this is a great product that has its positives and negatives, as with similar products from other local and international providers...
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    Australian Wheat Ale Recipes?

    Pretty sure ‘Aussie wheat ale’ is just a marketing term from CUB - they made a bunch of their breweries put them out at the same time: Uniquely Australian: new beer style heroes Aussie-grown wheat | Carlton & United Breweries (CUB). Have never tried any but sounds a lot like a Pacific Ale.
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    Exploding Bottles. Fermentation not complete, earlier yeast or something wild?

    Sorry to hear that. Only time I’ve had trouble was when the previous batch used diastaticus yeast. I’d put my money on that or an infection as that’s a pretty significant drop in gravity. What was the OG and how long had you let if ferment?
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    Saving Bottle Caps

    That’s brilliant, good effort!
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    2022 NSW State AABC Comp

    They announced last night on FB that website is now live! NSW AABC COMPETITION, HUB
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    How long can I leave a NEIPA in the fermenter

    Sous vide magnets also work (food safe + strong) and easily available online.
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    2022 NSW State AABC Comp

    Suspect you’re a bit early! I imagine they’ll update the website with registration, drop off etc details once available.
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    2022 Hunter Homebrew Comp - 4th June 2022

    Score sheets are out!! Massive thanks to all involved for the huge effort and time taken in providing considered feedback.
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    Dry hopping during fermentation - krausen wont drop

    Bottle straight from the fermenter and fill to just under the brim (safer with plastic where you can push out the air and not worry about bottle bombs). I’ve had NEIPAs last 6+ weeks that way.
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    Dry hopping during fermentation - krausen wont drop

    Verdant can have pretty sticky krausen. Agree with Naboo that a bit of agitation can help it along if you’re worried.
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    Smoked pineapple beer recipe

    You could also look at this for inspiration, depending on what kind of end product you were hoping for: Project Badass - Smoked Pineapple NEIPA
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    Closed cold crash in HDPE fermenter?

    Thanks! Long blow off sounds like the low risk option. Rizrah glad it was the lid and not the spigot that gave way!
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    Closed cold crash in HDPE fermenter?

    For a range of reasons (space constraints, batch size, etc) I’m looking to start cold crashing in an old school HDPE fermenter with airlock and spigot. Current thinking is to switch out airlock for a gas disconnect, run as a blow off while fermenting, then keep closed/disconnected while gently...
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    Dedicated Braumeister Guide, Problems & Solution Thread

    All sorted now? Mine’s running like a dream with the new pump.