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  1. cooltobelou

    VIDEO: Rube Goldberg beer opener

    I created a Rube Goldberg machine that opens and pours a beer (sadly not a homebrew, but it was for a contest). Would love everyone to check it out. Voting is not necessary but highly appreciated - click 'like' above the video to vote!
  2. cooltobelou

    Leftover lager

    Cheers for the feedback guys. I guess experimentation is the best way to learn how different hops and yeasts impact on flavour, so I'll probably stick with the original plan, primarily to see what an American hoppy lager might taste like. Consensus seems to be for more fermentables, so I'll add...
  3. cooltobelou

    Leftover lager

    Cheers for that. Looking around 4.5 - 5% abv. According to Coodgee's calculations (thanks for that!), it will be around 27 IBU. Would this be okay for an American hoppy lager? I've got an STC-1000 hooked up to a fridge, so low temps won't be a problem. Instead of using two packs of yeast...
  4. cooltobelou

    Leftover lager

    Hi everyone, I'm new to brewing, but have done a fair bit of reading on this excellent forum and hopefully picked up a few tips (thanks!). I bought a bunch of stuff to do the first few kit and extract brews and largely followed existing recipes. I'll be putting the third down this weekend (an...