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  1. earle

    Wanted - Jack Hammer glass

    Pack of 4. You can get them cheaper from places like Peters of Kensington
  2. earle

    Kolsch brew

    Yep, more marketing bullshit from fake craft "breweries" (read brands) started by the big guys. Give the brand a folksie name and use actual beer type but fill the bottles with the same old watery bland crap.
  3. earle

    Anyone tried coopers "session ale"?

    Its all just coincidence. Nothing more than that.
  4. earle

    All grain beer kits

    Do you mean fresh wort kits, or preassembled kits with grain, hops etc that you mash/brew yourself?
  5. earle

    Curious - I may be making a negative alcohol brew

    Stupid coloured hydrometers. All they do is cause confusion.
  6. earle

    Kolsch brew

    Some of their recipes are inspired by a style, and as close as they can get to style using commonly available kits, extracts etc. Could call it more of interpretation than representation? There's not a dry true kolsch yeast available so they sub something more widely available in that gets...
  7. earle

    ebay and gum tree finds

    Ha, "Tastes like crap but I like it because I think it's vegan, organic, gluten free home brewed ginger goodness".
  8. earle

    ebay and gum tree finds

    Can you tell it's Brigalow by the way you have to spit it out straight away?
  9. earle

    Kolsch brew

    Regardless of what you call it, it won't taste like a kolsch unless you use kolsch yeast and you started your OP by stating you were brewing a kolsch, and no I don't beleive you'll get the same flavour from a different yeast. That's why we use different yeasts - to get different flavours and...
  10. earle

    ebay and gum tree finds

    Simple brewing procedure. Are we talking about opening cans of coopers/morgans GB and mixing them with water to make non-alcoholic GB?
  11. earle

    2017 SEQ Christmas Case Swap - Tasting thread

    Choc wheat. That explains why it was so tasty.
  12. earle

    ebay and gum tree finds

    Looks like they have non flow control left for anyone who's interested.
  13. earle

    KegKing now at

    Maybe they're turning into BCF - Brewing Camping Fishing
  14. earle

    Advice on beginners iKegger system

    You'll find with bar fridges that the freezer section is often in the way of fitting anything of a good size in them. With care some guys have had success bending the freezer plate back out of the way. This comes with a caution - if you break the gas line doing this the fridge is then pretty...
  15. earle

    CO2 and unconsumed conmercial wine

    Comes in a bag in a box.
  16. earle

    SEQ 2018 Christmas in July Case Swap

    Is being organised. PM me for details
  17. earle Beer stuff

    This is just catch trying to compete with Amazon with the same bad deals
  18. earle

    seized keg king silver pump

    Two seized pumps for the one brewer. I think the cause is obvious? :fallingoffchair: Ha ha, shit on two forums is twice the fun.