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  1. paulyman

    Grainfather Glycol Chiller

    I managed to score a GF glycol chiller this week when they released a small batch prior to the full release! I have a saison on currently, so it was going to be an extreme baptism of fire for the chiller. Yesterday I asked it to chill the beer from 32C to 28C... yes my house saison mix prefers...
  2. paulyman

    Metallic Taste Sensitivity

    Hi all, I've just asked this question in our BJCP tasting group but thought I'd ask it to the wider brains trust as well. I have noticed throughout this year that a small but significant number of beers I've tasted have had a metallic/blood taste to them. Some extreme and some slight. Generally...
  3. paulyman

    Homebrewing has ruined popcorn!

    The wife and I sat down this evening to catch up on some Rv shows with a bowl of ALDI buttered popcorn . I couldn't finish it! All I could smell and taste was diacetyl. Has anyone else experienced this since starting Homebrewing and learning to associate the smell and taste as a bad thing?
  4. paulyman

    Merchant Brewing

    Just met up with the guys from Merchant brewing at Keg and Brew in Sydney. They had a 10 tap take over. Loved everything I tried and they were awesome to chat to. Personally bringing around rum balls to try with their christmas in July inspired "Rumble in the Jungle" was a great touch.
  5. paulyman

    Whirlpool only APA

    Hi guys, Now that I have my brew rig dialled in and have caught up on supply after the mayhem of chrissy and new years I am in the mood to experiment. I can fit two fermenters in my chest freezer, maybe 3 at a squeeze. So am planning a double brew weekend in the near future. The first will be...
  6. paulyman

    Paulyman's Adventures in All Grain

    So I completed my first all grain brew today on my new BIAB rig. I setup the Mathos controller and recirc system with a little brown pump. Will eventually plump it all in and make a nice stand to house all the bits. Bit for now it works. The day went pretty well, considering the other half...
  7. paulyman

    First Saison

    Put my first saison down last weekend, thanks to the assistance recieved by a fair few members here. Kept it really simple. After 7 days it is sitting just 1 gravity point above predicted, in no rush though, so will leave it sit for a week or two. Had a taste out of the hydro test tube and it...
  8. paulyman

    Saison Yeast Question

    Hi all, With the weather now well and truly warming up I have put a hold on brewing until an opportunity arises for a cheap fermentation fridge. I have read up on saison recipes here and found a few extract recipes that look pretty promising. I won't have trouble maintaining a fairly stable 30...
  9. paulyman

    3 Probably poor brews

    Put down 3 brews a week and a bit ago when the weather was still nice and stable, room temp was a steady 18. The aim was to build up stock before the hot weather. Then the really hot weather hit. Fermenters rose to 22-24 degrees. Dropped back to 20 now. Bugger. In a way if they are terrible it...
  10. paulyman

    James Squire Hop Thief 6 - Extract

    Hi all, I'm only 4 months in, 4 or 5 K&K under the belt. Just used IanH's spreadsheet to try my first extract brew aiming for a Hop Thief 6 clone. Just bottled and it looks close in colour and taste, obviously not quite the punchy dry hopped smell of commercial hop thief, but its not lacking...