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  1. Drewgong

    STC1000 controller with a 20A contactor

    Hey guys ive got a 3600w 15A element for my hlt. I plugged it into a stc 1000 and it cooked it i later realised stc1000 is rated to 10A. Ive been told to use a 20A contactor in conjunction with a stc1000 to handle the element. Can anyone help out with a wiring diagram.
  2. Drewgong

    10 Gallon mash tun capacity

    Gday guys ive recently expanded my brewery to a 50L hlt and a 70L kettle and still have my original 10 gallon cooler mash tun. Im wanting to do double batches 42 litres into fermenters. Anyone else using a 10 gallon cooler what is the maximum amount of grain you can fit in it.
  3. Drewgong

    15 amp tempreture controller

    Gday fellas just bought a 3600w element from cheeky peak for my HLT for some reason it has a 10 amp plug on it im not sure that it matters bit i have a 15 amp circuit for it anyway. So i set it up in my hlt and i plugged it into a old temp controller i had lying around it was a mangrove jacks...
  4. Drewgong

    Yeast starters and equipment

    Gday fellas after a recent issue with diacetyl (still unsure if its infection or lack of diacetyl rest) Ive decided to change two things as well as some new beer and gas lines. 1, Yeast starters . Ive always used dry yeast and just added to fermenter 2, Oxygenating my wort I always double batch...
  5. Drewgong

    Diacetyl or infection

    Gday fellas I brewed a Bentspoke Crankshaft ipa clone using safale us05 @ 18°c . Its been in the keg for about 2 weeks it tasted great for the first week then i noticed a slight butterscotch taste which has just gotten stronger each day You can smell it now when pouring a beer. The beer is...
  6. Drewgong

    Cheeky Peak

    Hi is Cheaky peak a sponser here or is the owner a member here?
  7. Drewgong

    Buying A Mattmill In Germany

    Gday fellas been reading a heap of old threads on different grain mills and have decided to go german. Ive looked on braufox however i will be in Germany in January Visiting Munich and Frankfurt. Im trying to find a supplier in one of these cities i also see a few additional models available in...
  8. Drewgong

    New Brew Kettle Electric vs Gas

    Gday fellas my current 3v setup is a 20l urn hlt, 35l insulated mash tun and a 50l keggle on a tiered platform. I want to be able to double batch putting 44 litres into fermenters. So my 50l keggle is becoming my hlt with a 2400w element and i have joined two kegs together to make a 70l keggle...
  9. Drewgong

    NSW Free 19L Pot And BIAB Bag

    Gday fellas I have a big w 19l pot with holes drilled through the bottom and a large grain bag with pull cord for BIAB used for 3 cooks perfect condition No lid for pot. I used the pot to support the bag when draining and sparging. Pickup only Greta 2334 NSW
  10. Drewgong

    Posting Cold Beer

    Gday fellas I've got a very nice beer on tap at the moment and I'd love to send a few bottles of it to a mate up qld I'm in Nsw. Obviously I don't want the beer getting warm I was thinking about one of those small styrofoam eskys that hold a six pack then packing dry ice in around the bottles...
  11. Drewgong

    What Efficiency Are You Getting

    Gday fellas just after some advice to raise my efficiency I've only done 3 all grain brews. BIAB using a home made keggle I didn't measure the first cook. My second batch worked out at 54% efficiency after talking to my lhbs I sparged my second batch which got me up to 61%. mashing in the...
  12. Drewgong

    Growing Hops In The Hunter Valley

    G'day fellas just wondering if anyone on here has had any success growing hops in the Hunter? If so what varieties? very interested in trying to grow some this year.
  13. Drewgong

    Home Brewing App for beginners

    Gday fellas looking for a app that I can make recipes and find out what my og and fg should come out at. I've downloaded a couple so far and not sure how to use them I've only just started ag brewing so I'm looking for something suited to beginners maybe with a tutorial. I don't mind paying for...
  14. Drewgong

    Any Plumbers Here

    So I want to put a shower and toilet in my shed there's a sewer line going across my yard it was capped off when previous owner sub divided block was plumbed to neighbors shed. The pipe is approx 200mm higher than the shed floor so basically I need to push shit uphill. my thought is to build up...
  15. Drewgong

    Drewgongs Kegerator

    Gday fellas hopefully this will be a pretty quick and basic build. Starting off with my gumtree bargain $80 fridge ....yes fridge not freezer. I see most builds start out building a platform with casters on it but seeing as though this one has a fairly strong looking steel base with casters...
  16. Drewgong

    Need help buying taps

    Gday fellas bought a second hand andale 4 tap T font today minus the taps . just after some advice on some decent taps ive been looking at intertaps is flow control a good thing? Stainless or CP also I need to know exactly what fittings I need as well. Any help much appreciated
  17. Drewgong

    Replace Beer Lines In Font

    Gday fellas been looking at tee shaped 4-5 tap flooded fonts on ebay and gumtree for my next keezer. Ive been looking at second hand units most of which are Andale. The beer lines always seem to be cut off really close to the base of the font and always look badly discolored is it possible to...
  18. Drewgong

    All Head No Beer

    Hows it goin fellas been brewing and kegging for a year now. I just kegged two brews four days ago carbed up as usual 40psi for 24 hours then drop it to 15 until they taste spot on. One of my brews keeps coughing and spluttering when i try to pour a beer from it (19l corny kegs) im getting 90%...
  19. Drewgong

    G'day from the Hunter Valley

    Hows it goin fellow brewers ive been lurkin around here for a little while now researching and learning. Ive been brewing for about 12 months just doing extracts and a few all in worts ive kegged from day one . Im getting interested in all grain brewing and will be growing hops this year. hoping...