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    Hefeweizen Vent

    Brewing a Hefeweizen today. My fourth attempt. Number one had the bottom of the Guten burnt. Number two was average and number three was down with an open fermentation experiment. None was overly successful. So today I brew number 4 and do all the step mashes on a 60% wheat and 40% Pilsner...
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    Open Fermentation

    Ok, ok, open fermentation has probably been discussed before on numerous occasions in these forums however I just want to share my latest experiment with open fermentation. After experiencing three 'banana challenged' i.e. no banana flavour to be found brews that I had done I decided to...
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    Guton burn't

    Hi everyone, second time this has happened to me. Brewing a Hefeweizen using a Guton 40 ltr, BIAB, no sparge, hop bags, 75 min boil, 27 litres starting water. After moving wort to the fermentor I found that the bottom plate was burn't with what I have read previously as protein. Some scraping...