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  1. Yorg

    F.S. Stainless Conical Fermenter for approx 20l batches

    SOLD So this too has been in my shed for a while - not really using it and need the space. Imported it years ago directly from the States from a guy I found on the internet who made them. Very good condition - nothing wrong with it. Going cheap to a good home - $80. (please don't haggle - its...
  2. Yorg

    F.S.Blichmann Conical Fermenter approx. 50l

    On Hold with Deposit. Been in my shed for years. Hardly used - never did brew the big batches I thought I might. Clean the dust off and I think I could say its as new. New from Ibrew it is about $1500 (with different fittings)...
  3. Yorg

    Anyone Got A Cnc Machine?

    I need some help. I'm making some beer gear, and need to make some seals from silicon sealant. I need to be able to pour food grade silicon into forms. Anyone got a CNC machine they can rout these forms out of some MDF or other soft stable material? Will be routed from around 25cm square, 30mm...
  4. Yorg

    Electricity To A Rotating Shaft?

    Anyone know of a mechanism for delivering electricity through to a rotating shaft. I want to mount heating elements as stirrers / paddles on a motorised mash mixer. Getting electricity to them is the problem. Clearly, as the motor turns, it would twist the wiring to the elements. There must be...
  5. Yorg


    I have an electric rig. I believe the "Safety Switch" installed by the electrician on the power box at the front of the house is a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt. Is that what we call GFCI here or could it just be a surge protector? 1/How can I tell/test what it is? So if it is: 2/ Do I need...
  6. Yorg

    Soldering Stainless Steel

    Have seen and read a fair bit on soldering stainless steel over on Homebretalk. Seems like a great alternative to sanitary/unsugared TIG welds. The key to it seems to be the flux, but all the recommendations are for US brands. Anyone tried it and have recommendations for solder and flux that are...
  7. Yorg

    March Pump Start Up Current?

    In the spec sheet, It says the 809 has about a 100W, .7 amp draw. Anyone know what the draw is on startup? I'm trying to size an inverter to power it - as if being off the grid. Cheers.
  8. Yorg

    March Pump 60hz Conversion

    My setup needs more grunt from the pump. Looking at the performance curves of the 809 March, it is essentially a different pump here in Oz, due to the Hertz difference in the wall. An similar performing pump here would be the higher specified 815, whereby the 60Hz to 50Hz drop brings it in line...
  9. Yorg

    Optimum Mash Ph At Room Temperature

    A google gave me conflicting information. So: If I cool a sample of my mash to get it to room temperature, or within the automatic temperature compensation range of my Ph meter, is the Ph I want to see 5.2-5.3 or 5.5-5.6?
  10. Yorg

    Brass Hose Fittings Sucking Air

    I have some brass garden hose fittings on my setup. Noticed some bubbles of air being sucked in on the inlet side of my March pump - enough to un-prime it occassionally. Anyone had this problem and solved it?
  11. Yorg

    Giant Chiller Liquid Reservoir - What Liquid?

    I bought a 150l chest freezer to contain liquid, which I'll use through my Chiller. I will pre-chill with tap water, but then switch to the chest freezer, using a pond pump to move the liquid through the chiller. The night before a brew, I will turn on the freezer on and cool the liquid to...
  12. Yorg

    Ramping Fast With A Herms? You?

    If you are ramping at greater than 1C per minute in a HERMS setup, what are the design elements that allow you to do it? (Please don't turn this into a HERMS can or can't do step mashing - I've read enough on that elsewhere. I just want to hear from people who actually do step with it.) Thanks.
  13. Yorg

    In-line Oxygenation Or Aeration

    How do you do it? Here is how I oxygenate. The unit connects after the chiller, and can quick connect to either a huge aquarium pump with a microbiological filter on it, or to a MAPP oxygen bottle. The clear part is polycarbonate tubing - 15mm I think - perfect for 3/4 inch compression fittings...
  14. Yorg

    Thermometer Inside Versus Outside

    Has anyone done a test to see the differential between putting a thermometer / sensor inside the ferment versus strapped on the outside under some insulation? Was there a difference? How much? Was it a consistent difference?
  15. Yorg

    Bready Safale 04?

    I usually use Wyeast liquid yeasts, but didn't have time for a starter this time. Thought I'd grab a dry yeast and give it a try - the Safale 04. I'm making an EPA. I've since heard mixed reports - the main issue for me is that it can generate 'bready notes' that many find unpleasant. If they...
  16. Yorg

    Process Control - Manual Pid Setting

    I have a steam powered mash system with a PID Controller. These controllers have an autotune function - they will oscillate around a set point and then decide on the appropriate PID parameters. Unfortunately, in an insulated mash tun, the overshoot takes so long to come back down that the...
  17. Yorg

    Yeast Centrifuge Idea

    I like Kolsch. But the wyeast kolsch yeast is a bastard when it comes to flocculation. I like to make large starters in an erlenmyer flask using DME to ensure yeast health in the main ferment. Problem is, with very low flocculating yeast, much of the yeast is poured out and wasted when...
  18. Yorg

    Pumping Glycol For Chilling

    After several frustrations getting a wort down to lager pitching temps, not least the cost of ice, I devised a cunning plan and scored a small chest freezer. Once tap water gets too slow, I'm going to divert to glycol - I'm going to chill a large tub of glycol overnight in the chest freezer, and...
  19. Yorg

    When To Stop A Yeast Starter

    I have read somewhere that after a cerain number of hours, the yeast count of a starter does not increase, but that the yeast are simply tiring and ageing as they complete the starter fermentation. The suggestion was that - I think - at high krausen the starter could be crash chilled to keep...
  20. Yorg

    Cleaners: Oxyper Vs Pbw

    Not sure if this is in the right forum, but: What is the difference between PBW and Oxyper?