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  1. brewinski

    Carbonating AG versus Extract

    Having only had these two methods of experience ... I am starting to feel like my BAIB AG's are a lot harder to carbonate ?? I have done perhaps 5 Extracts to 7 AG's ... and so far every Extract has come out carbonated like a frickin champion ... I could cry over some of my AG's ... I am...
  2. brewinski

    5L keg

    Hi there, have not made a plunge into kegging yet, but have a query about it I have been working it all out in 5L batches, and for various reasons I will stay at that size for a while longer, it's a bit of pressure to keep brewing, but that suits where I am at. Are there economical ways of...
  3. brewinski

    Rocket candy?

    I have made a terrible mistake, that I am just letting go through ... I commented elsewhere about not using my reading glasses and running with what I thought was 11kg's of sugar in a 20L ginger beer ... .. so after only being able to guess that it had an OG of 1180 - 1200 ?? (there was no...
  4. brewinski

    What Fun!

    Hey there, Joined a little while ago, and forgot to introduce myself ... I have just started my journey around mid July, so it is all new and exciting ... so much to learn, so many beers to brew. I began life hating beer, then someone gave me a Leffe Blonde, and oh my, did that change things...
  5. brewinski

    Very Pale Wort

    Hi there, did a BIAB this weekend with these grains Barrett Burston Pale Malt (60% of bill) Barrett Burston Wheat Malt (40% of bill) 60 min boil with light hopping along the way and my oh my it came out light ... probably expected, not sure myself, so I was wondering if this is what should...
  6. brewinski

    Thermowell for 5L Demijohn

    Hi there, Am looking for a way to get a thermowell into a 5L glass Demijohn ... and in fact if there are ready made versions for that size demijohn ? cheers