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    FS - Melbourne Kegs, other bits and pieces

    3 Ball lock cornies $40 each 1 Co2 cylinder empty $60 1 Co2 cylinder full $80 1 20 litre urn hidden element with ball lock tap $60 2 15 litre plus 1 20 litre drums not tapped $20 1 blichmann thrumometer $25 1 Keg King refractometer $10 Intertap tap chrome with flow control shank adaptor $20...
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    FS - Melbourne Kegerator Series 4

    Intertap Stainless Steel taps and Stainless Steel Short Shanks - NEW EVABarrier 4mm ID x 8mm OD Beer & Gas Hose, already fitted to appropriate lengths for tap kit. - 2 way steel manifold - Stainless Steel 304 grade font and four mounting bolts. - MKIII regulator (type 30 for CO2) - Font Fan with...
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    Grainfather Melbourne

    Selling my Grainfather (and all my gear which will be listed over the coming days) It has the connect controller The series 1 counter flow chiller The series 1 pipework Works like a charm $630 I also have a 20 litre urn $50, thrumometer $20 hop spider $10 , old controller $50 if the purchaser...
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    Early kegging

    This may be a dumb question. Is there any reason I can’t transfer from my fermentasaurus to keg in a week even if fermentation hasn’t completed? Would it just keep fermenting anyway, freeing up fermentasaurus for the next brew?
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    Coopers Mild Ale

    has anyone got an all grain recipe for this please?
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    FS Mini Keg Melbourne

    Ikegger "Johnson" 4 litre mini keg with cap Used once Doesn't fit in my bar fridge $89 new Because of its name there can be only one price $69. Pick up Brighton or I can deliver east, south east, south during business hours
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    Large Batches

    Is it good practice to use the grain bill required for a 30 litre batch but the water required for a 15 litre batch and dilute later to get back to the 30 litre batch? Reason I want to do this is because I have a Grainfather and a Fermentasaurus. If I transfer 30 litres of wort to...
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    Keg King Cold Plate Melbourne

    Includes beer line black ball lock disconnect and bronco tap $150 new Going for $100 Brighton
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    Just when I thought I'd made every mistake possible.......

    I've left taps open, buggered up timings, misread recipes, but my latest effort takes the cake. Every fortnight I do a 5 litre small batch to either experiment or see if I like a recipe before I brew a large batch. Tonight I was going to bottle my latest effort in some Grolsch bottles I picked...
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    Is it me or the recipe?

    I've made this recipe for what is meant to be a JSGA mid strength Both times I've made it, it tastes like arse water Is it me, or the recipe? 23 litre batch 2.37kg pilsener .77kg Munich 2 .77kg wheat .3kg caramalt Mash 69deg 60mins 11gm Amarillo 60mins 15gm Amarillo 15mins 15gm Amarillo...
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    Brew not fermenting

    I had the perfect brew day last Saturday with my grainfather. Brewed a DSGA hit 1041 post boil into the sanitised brewbucket at 24c in with the us05 and into the fermentation fridge at 18c 36 hours later no airlock activity Don't panic I read however by Tuesday no krausen just floaties...
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    Melbourne Kegging etc clean out

    Just moved into an apartment so it's back to bottling For Sale 4 Corny Kegs Ball lock 1 needs a poppet $240 for all 4 or $70 each, priority given to whoever takes the lot 2.6 kilo gas bottle Kegerator brand 12/16 test date pretty full. $100 Keg King regulator. $25 Keg King bottle filler...
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    Free fridge Melbourne

    Will hold 2 corny kegs at a pinch Works well Seperate freezer Hole drilled for tap Pick up Camberwell by Wednesday (moving house)
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    What can I brew?

    I have a mixed bag from a stuff up that contains 1.45 kg JW Trad 100 Gram chocolate 90 gram crystal 90 I have plenty of MO, Black Malt, Munich, Vienna, Wheat, Caramunich 1 For hops I have cascade, Amarillo, fuggles, ekg, willamette, POR, Yeast us05 Can anyone suggest a recipe to top this...
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    Pale malt definition

    When I look at a recipe to brew often the base malt will be listed as 6.5 or 7 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) Or similar Does a description like this refer to a specific malt eg Maris Otter or will any base 2 row malt do eg Trad Ale, Golden Promise?
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    Hop Steeping

    I'm brewing a JS 150 Lashes clone and the recipe (all grain) calls for 15grams Willamette Hops Steeped for 15 minutes Do I just make a small hop tea and if so when do I add it?
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    BIAB recirculating wort overflow

    As the title suggests I have a problem I brew with a 40L urn, crab pot strainer and voile bag I have set up a little brown pump to recirculate the wort from the tap up and through the lid mainly for temp control I was all happy with myself yesterday when I turned it on and then couldn't...
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    Speed control electric drill

    Currently I use a variable speed electric drill attached to my mill to crush grain One problem I have is getting the drill to run at the same low speed constantly Can I hook up a voltage controller like this to make life easier...
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    WTB Corny Kegs Melbourne

    If anyone has 1 or 2 ball lock they want to sell that would be great Happy to pay $70 a piece I'm on the road East, South, South east suburbs so can pick up during the week
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    Need help with buffalo urn

    Just bought a buffalo urn First time I used it, it maintained a rolling boil no probs Today it is cycling on and off at 30 second intervals and I will have to mod I have 27 litres of wort and I don't have the pots to split and do a stove top Can I just let it do it's thing for say 2 hours or am...