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  1. tavas

    Dry Yeast

    Why is it not recommended practice?
  2. tavas

    Grain in Sydney (Hills area) 2020

    Hi guys Haven't been on here for a long time so lost touch with who is selling ingredients these days. Where's the best place to get sacks of grain in Sydney, preferably near the Hill's area? We have moved here from WA about 6 moths ago and still finding our feet. Have resumed brewing after a...
  3. tavas

    C02 - Rent or Buy

    Buy a bottle from My Kegs on Legs or similar and get them filled at your LHBS. BOC won't touch anyone else's bottle and the yearly rent will be pricey.
  4. tavas

    Using a genset for a Braumeister

    Hi all Been a long time since I was here and I'm sure this might have been posted but CBF searching. I have looked through Google and AHB previously but couldn't find if anyone had managed it. I have recently moved into a rental and don't see myself being here long term. I have a 50 lt...
  5. tavas

    Are grain sacks waterproof

    Yeah that’s what I figured. Thanks guys
  6. tavas

    Are grain sacks waterproof

    Hi all Just spent 3 days hunkered down waiting out Cyclone Veronica in WA. I know some rain got blown up under the eaves of the shed and is probably on the floor. How waterproof are the sacks used for grain? Can I expect mouldy grain from here?
  7. tavas

    Keg Master Grand Delux Doors

    These guys make them in China. Maybe ask them
  8. tavas

    All grain supplies in Karratha

    Awesome, thanks guys
  9. tavas

    All grain supplies in Karratha

    Does anyone know if you can get all grain supplies in Karratha? We are moving up that way and I'm wondering if I can get bulk grain. I have only found 1 supplier but have not had any response if they are still open.
  10. tavas

    What's with the PC bullshit?

    Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition. Christians are such jovial people
  11. tavas

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    You're doing gravity separation - wait for it to come out on the spirals
  12. tavas

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    I like how no one bothers to check on him either. Teach the little prick a real lesson.
  13. tavas

    KK Grand Deluxe Compressor Cycling

    I wish I knew about that one when i bought my Grand Deluxe. Having said that, my GD is working fine now.
  14. tavas

    Oxygenation experiments with hydrogen peroxide

    Hi Adr Sorry if I missed it, but what grade of hydrogen peroxide did you use? Do you know what stabilising agents were in it?
  15. tavas

    4WD clubs

    I bought a 100 series Landcruiser last year in preparation for the expanding brood. I've been out bush a couple of times with my brother but getting a time when we are both available is getting more difficult. So I am thinking of joining a 4WD club. Is anyone here a member of a club and what...
  16. tavas

    Dry Yeast Pitching Calculators - What do you use?

    1 pack per 23 litre batch for ales. 2 packs for lagers. I can't tell any difference between re-hydrating and dry pitching.
  17. tavas

    KK Grand Deluxe Compressor Cycling

    I noticed mine did that as well. Now it has stopped chilling altogether. Currently holds temp around 13*C. I have cleaned the heat exchanger as best I can. Might be time to call a fridge mechanic.
  18. tavas

    Taking Braumeister to USA

    I currently have a Generation 1 (the white control box) 50lt Braumeister which has served me faultlessly. I may have an opportunity to move to the US next year for work and I am wondering if I can change out the control panel for a Gen 2 rated for 110V (the black control box). The other...
  19. tavas

    Hilary or Donald

  20. tavas

    Hilary or Donald

    And back down again